Advice to set up a CBSE school

If you are looking for right advice to setup a new CBSE school or need advisers for CBSE school project then you have reached the best advisory services platform for schools. Our school consultancy team will advise on new school establishments as well as improvement of existing schools. The advisory includes assessing the market potential, financial planning, marketing , recruitment of teachers & academic planning.


  • Sunil Jain

    Dear Erocon Team

    I am a corporate executive and am looking forward to start a school. I am also open to the idea of buying a divested school which is profitable.

    I need the services of an expert consultant who can guide me and handhold me in the process. Pls suggest a date and time for a preliminary meeting.

    Sunil Jain
    General Manager- Sales& Marketing

  • Advice to set up a CBSE school in Rajgarh Dist Dhar MP

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