Erocon award for excellence is one of our initiatives to provide platforms to recognize the leaders of innovation in school sector. The awards are given out to the institutions and individuals for their positive and innovative contribution. They represent the community of growing resources of expertise and educational innovators who help in the growth of a fertile environment. The institutions and individuals from different zones in education sector may submit applications which demonstrate their quality and impact of their activities in accordance with the criteria.

Members of Erocon Awards for excellence gain PAN India visibility and are given an opportunity through the following platforms

Communications: Institutions/ individuals who are recognized will be featured on the website, shared with the education community via our social platform ‘Futurebox’ and acknowledged in our print magazine ‘Beyond Horizon’. Our technology partner also promotes the award winning projects on our E-magazine.

The annual Summit : Representatives from award winning projects are also given the opportunity to present and discuss their work at a dedicated Summit session during the annual Erocon summit in new Delhi.

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