Deficiency in CBSE Affiliation Application

The general curiosity is knowing the affiliation process. In-order to go through a smooth inspection with ought deficiency ,it is very important to understand Specific Point for Verification to be taken care for CBSE Affiliation.

 1.     In order to bring more transparency in the process of affiliation, it has been decided that the entire process of inspection will be video-graphed. The following will be covered in the videography :

a.       Building including labs, library, classrooms and other facilities.

b.      Games & sports Facilities.

c.       Process of teaching – learning in a few classes.

d.      Group photo of staff.

e.       The Inspection Report shall be submitted along-with the C.D. of the videography of the school.

f.  The videographer shall be arranged by the school and the charges for videography shall be limited to 3,000/- per school or actual whichever is less and shall be reimbursed to the school by the Board.

2.     The Inspection Committee is requested to verify the ‘Original land documents of the school and match its location with the address of the school mentioned in NOC and specifically report that the school is running from the same site as mentioned in the land documents and NOC.  Also area of campus may be verified and see that same in order and school land is in a Single Compact Plot. If school land is not in a single plot, area of different plots and distance between plots may clearly be given in the report.

3.     The Inspection Committee may specifically verify whether the school has started classes IX of CBSE pattern without prior permission of the Board and clearly mention the findings in the report.

4.     To identify whether the school management is running another school in the same premises with different name and submit its details.

5.     To identify whether the name of the staff members published in the school prospectus and school diary are same in the acquittance roll of the school.

6.     The documents of the Head of the Institution/staff working in the school may thoroughly checked.