Consulting IB & IGCSE Schools


Erocon Project Planners

Feasibility study, Concept note, Curriculum Planning, Master Planning, Financial Planning, Capacity Expansion….

Erocon Infra Planners

Requirement analysis, Architectural Planning, Architectural review, MEP review, Cost cutting, Interior Planning, Setting up Labs…..

Branding & Marketing Strategy

Logo & Vision, Designing of Media & Outdoor Publicity, Training of Admission team, Formulation of Marketing Strategy

Erocon Recruitment

Requirement analysis, Advertising, Shortlisting, Interview Conduction, Final candidate recommendation

Admin Framework

Policy Guidelines for Staff & Management, HR Policy, Accounting and Documentation procedures…

Academic Planners

Curriculum implementation, Academic Planning, Assessment &progress reporting system, Teachers training


Erocon Quality Audits

Academic, Finance & Requirement Audit, Student Assessment, Performance monitoring & management

Erocon Project Operations

Curriculum management, Start-up services, Continuous monitoring of schools to ensure quality control…

Erocon Post Commissioning Training

Preparing and presenting training sessions, Developing training programs, evaluating and assessing participants, Direct group-based learning..

Erocon after having amassed decades of knowledge have with time gained in-depth know how and understanding of an international school requirements. Our solutions cater to the requirements of the management as well as the requirements for students who under the international curriculum will be nurtured into becoming mature individuals ready to take up on the challenges the world would have to offer post school years.

With globalisation, there is a necessity to develop a global platform for the education sector to give our future generation a direction towards holistic self growth. Along with providing a global platform, international schools establishes common cross cultural spaces ensuring the student to be more aware of conditions the world as a whole faces. It gives the students an opportunity to have a broad outlook and approach towards building relation with students having nationalities other than self. Hence a surge is being observed in the number of IB curriculum schools or IGCSE schools being set up. Programs such as PYP, MYP or DP provided by IB or primary programme/ Advanced programme provided by IGCSE schools, all have a common goal of developing a student into becoming a complete independent individual appraised well enough to adapt themselves to changing worldly scenarios.

International curriculum are designed in such way that they help establish better quality and standards of education to our future generation. At the end of the day, what brings you here is lack of consultants who would guide and assist their clients to set up an international school. Starting an international curriculum school in India involves detailed planning, as a very high cost is associated with the project. The clients stand to lose out on revenue if not guided well and hence the in-depth planning required to start up with an international school.

Our services for new school setup are divided in two phases

Phase-1 (From construction to commissioning)

Phase-2 (From commissioning to first year of operations)

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