Counselling & Pastoral Care

Erocon Counselling services smoothens the process out for the students and makes it less taxing for them to grow up. We focus more on encouraging the students to sort out their difficulties while understanding and acknowledging their gaps themselves. We guide to introspect and know about themselves more which eventually leads them to take an informed decision about which career they would want to go ahead with. Our cell comprises of professional career counsellors who are well acquainted with the prevailing trend of the education system and competitive examinations.

It is always difficult being a student and adjust to the sudden pressures of the school environment, dealing with exam pressures and not to forget the peer pressure one might end up facing. This phase is difficult as this generally is the first time students are required to come out of their comfort zone and learn about the career options and the right career counselling for a good beginning . This whole process of could definitely get a bit overwhelming where you also have an added pressure of figuring out your true passions and decide on your future course of action in life.

Our counsellors form a close relationship with the students and their parents. Our teams constant motivation and encouragement keep the minds of the students free of doubt and fear.

Our Career Counselling Programs:

  • Personalised Career Counselling
  • Mentoring Program
  • Performance Gauge Meter


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