ASMERO Green Schools

Erocon along with combined efforts of expert architects for sustainable structures, established green building consultants, expert energy auditors, experienced civil engineers, prominent school principals have been able to develop a Certification program whose compliance will ensure development of a green school.

Thus we are introducing ASMERO Green Schools. ( Joint venture of Erocon & ASM Green Infracon)

Green School is a school space which consumes less electricity, less water, re-use of waste water, better waste management systems, using renewable sources of energy to reduce consumption of non- renewable sources of energy, value addition in reducing the overall cost of project (Pre+Post construction) and thereby ensuring development of sustainable building while making its pupils aware of the technologies involved and make them more prepared for the future concerns related to environment.

Green Schools incorporate features and technologies ensuring the development of a sustainable project which will be able to

  • Earn its investment cost back.
  • Add on to the school revenue stream by reducing resource consumption
  • Practice self-maintenance and become an asset more than a liability post construction.
  • Reduce Operation Cost.

We have laid stress on ways to address the above mentioned issues and have come up with a solution.

  • Development of a sustainable structure which shall have features and systems to reduce the post operation costs by earning its cost back and shall be easy to maintain.
  • Independence from usage of already depleting non-renewable sources of energy by introducing renewable energy sources to reduce water and electricity consumption.
  • Stress more on incorporating Water Conservation and Electricity conservation measures
  • Develop a healthy habitat and environment for students as features incorporating greener surroundings, better building ventilation, improved indoor environment that will eventually lead to better student performance
  • Implement environment friendly renewable systems which shall be more of an asset development than liabilities as they will add onto your school revenue stream after earning its payback at relatively faster rates.
  • Develop curriculum and suggest extra-curricular activities taking into account the education on environmental aspects, solutions to utilize renewable energy systems to reduce dependency on non-renewable sources of energy.
  • Increase awareness amongst students on the future concerns related to environment which is a posing a threat to the existence of our civilization and the depleting nature of the non-renewable resources thereby laying foundation to development of generation that will be technology driven while taking into consideration the betterment of environment
  • Awareness amongst the community through students and reaching out to the parents.
  • Self sustaining/ self maintaining features/ structures

The biggest challenge is finding an architectural team to develop green schools in India. Erocon is India’s exclusive green school development design team that will help clients to reduce carbon footprints and generate positive cash flows from year three of operations. The question of how to develop green school in India has been answered with ASMERO Green Schools.

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