How much should you construct for CBSE/ ICSE New School Project in India

One of the major challenges that a promoter faces for setting a school project venture is to get the infrastructure planning right to ensure curtailing of dumping of funds into construction. Construction being one of the major capital exhausting activities for the school project, it is necessary for the promoters to get the sizes right and only construct that much which shall directly have an impact and an outcome with their entry strategy while balancing other factors in terms of occupancy as per specific volume addition trend of the location, creating USP and product differentiation through building elevation and sizes,necessary facility requirements as per brand position plan and product offering in the market for target segment,  availability of USP zones, exclusive labs, beautiful landscape, exclusive pre primary zones, sports infrastructure and an impressive arrival zone to the building. 

However the basis for incorporating when and what can be derived which comes from experience that Erocon has developed over 25 years of its operations into the K-12 school sector. Erocon being the best planning and designing consultants ensure in deriving requirements, planning infrastructure as per requirement and affiliation (CBSE/ICSE) bye laws, ensuring availability of all USP zones and maximise revenue rooms while curtailing areas left under-utilised. This approach leads to clients saving dumping of extra funds into construction and giving them the right cushion to envision what they may expect in terms of investment and having the comfort to invest on the other important aspect such as marketing, recruitment and facilities to create the right avenues for positive feedback development of the school in the coming years.

For the same and in order to protect the interest of the client when they are already burdened with the pressure of foraying into a new territory of education sector, it is always beneficial to have an experienced and good planners to protect your investment areas guiding you to prioritise and manage your investment in various aspects of the venture development. Erocon being the best and  right planners and Architects for the school projects in India for CBSE, ICSE, IB, IGCSE schools shall save cost and maximise revenue for clients.

Second most important aspect after planning of infratructure is to get the construction executed on grounds as per vision and design. The contractors shall have prior experience in understanding school operations and school projects while adapting to the changing requirement and demand of the school venture as per location. Meeting construction deadlines while aligning them with the administrative planning and timelines for the school venture is extremely important. Delay in handing over of the projects results in loss for one whole academic session as having reduced time for admissions and marketing harms the project. That is further interdependent on timely delivery of infrastructure, arrival and admin zone, USP zones, sports area, landscape. With an undelivered under constructed building, parents loses confidence in terms of being unclear on the commissioning of school thereby hampering the admission and first year jump start number. With our given experience of being best school consultants for CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and IB schools in India, best school architects for CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and IB schools in India and best construction and project managers for CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and IB schools in India, Erocon has developed itself into a one point solution agency where Erocon provides best construction agency and contractors for execution of school projects and ensuring best quality work done in timely and cost effective manner. The difference is in planning and approach towards a project that differentiates Erocon from other construction agency thereby making us the best contractors and construction service provides for CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and IB schools in India. We understand the pain areas of the client and have the expertise to get the best results in the constraints of the project thereby satisfying venture as well as client requirements. As required for a school project, the construction being one of the most capital exhausting and important aspect of the venture, we ensure it to be a smooth process for our clients providing best contracting team which has expertise only for delivering school projects. 

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