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Additional services as per CBSE Affiliation by laws - 2018

Establishing your dream school is replete with numerous bottlenecks at the pre-affiliation stage as well as the post-affiliation stage. No time can be said a better time to take off your dream project. In the endeavour of making the procedure simpler, and transparent, CBSE amended its Bye-Laws in October 2018 after a gap of almost six years.

CBSE known as the most dynamic board among all 41 boards of India, has revised its affiliation norms & regulations substantially, reducing the paperwork, state-related documentations, and simplifying the procedural tediousness. The revised CBSE Bye-Laws underscore the more simplified process to be followed, alleviating the burden for the infrastructural development, and promoting the more sports activities in order to impart the balanced education in an era of technological penetration as well as the epoch of the indoor activities. Through these recent amendments, the board has addressed the glaring ambiguous areas through Chapter-15 special provision, focusing on academics and training even more.

How to Transfer a CBSE school from one society to another society as per the Latest CBSE Bye-Laws 2018?

A transfer of school from one society/Trust/ company to another is not allowed without the prior approval of the CBSE. This transfer is subjected if the following three conditions spring up:

  • The prevailing condition threatens the existence of the school
  • Running the school by the registered Society/Trust becomes next to impossible
  • This transfer is a kind of compulsion to further the cause of the education

The transfer of the school from one society/trust/company to another is subjected, fulfilling the condition laid down in the CBSE Bye-laws, 2018, tuned to the points mentioned above. Fees as per the appendix-I shall be charged from the school to complete the formality of such transfer.

Can a CBSE school run in two shifts as per the Latest CBSE Bye-Laws 2018?

A school can’t be run in two shifts without the prior approval of the CBSE. The CBSE allows the two shift in a school according to the below ifs:

  • The CBSE Board can consider giving the green signal running two shifts if the school has the prior permission from the respective state or UT government to do so
  • The CBSE board will survey the school through its constituted inspecting team to give permission to run two shits if the condition is favourable
  • To maintain the highest level of professionalism in the campus, this school should recruit two separate sets of teachers, non-teaching staff, vice principal as well as the principal as per the prescribed CBSE norms. It not at all allowed as per the norm that one teacher can help a teacher in both shifts
  • Like the separate workforce discharging the functionality of the school, admission register, attendance register and other relevant records should be maintained separately
  • Striking a fine balance between two shifts, it is advised from the CBSE to run junior classes in the morning and senior classes in the evening respectively

By the time of this revised Bye-laws promulgation, Erocon has successfully helped numerous schools running the two shifts in the same campus. We have been applauded for catering our creative guidance to the aspiring school through numerous testimonials.

Is Shifting of school from one campus to another possible in CBSE as per the Latest CBSE Bye-Laws 2018? ?

Shifting a school’s location shall not be possible without the approval of the CBSE. Shifting a school to a new address is subjected to adhering the following points:

  • When the school is granted by the respective State/UT Government to shift its address to a new address, the CBSE board can consider such request to shift to the exact new address.
  • Shifting a school to a new address will only be permissible if it is approved by the Inspection Committee of the CBSE board after visiting the new site.
  • Infrastructural development of the new site shall be built in compliance with the CBSE Bye-laws, 2018. Failure to non-compliance results in the disaffiliation of this school.

Is Changing the name of the Society possible in CBSE as per the Latest CBSE Bye-Laws 2018?

The name of the society can’t be changed without the prior approval of the CBSE Board. It is subjected to meeting below enumerated down conditions:

  • An express approval shall be granted from the respective State or UT Government
  • A competent authority shall issue a certificate, detailing the change of the name of the society. It will also detail that the registered society name has been changed and entered into our record, giving the registration number

Is Renaming the school possible in CBSE as per the Latest CBSE Bye-Laws 2018?

Replacing the school’s name affiliated with the CBSE Board is subjected to meeting the following conditions and documents that are asked by the CBSE. Below are these conditions:

  • A resolution of replacing the name of the school should be put forth over the table by the registered the Society/Trust/Company. Alternatively, it should be approved by the Central or State Public Sector Undertaking.
  • An express approval shall be from the respective Government
  • An affidavit of support along with other formalities should be annexed, declaring that the old name shall not be used anymore
  • Renaming the school with a new name is subjected to submit the valid documents related to the land ownership. It is also subjected to other compulsory documents and clearance from the appropriate Government
  • This procedure to change the name shall be charge according to Appendix-I of the CBSE Bye-Laws,2018

How to increase the sections in a CBSE school as per the Latest CBSE Bye-Laws 2018?

Through chapter 15.7 of the CBSE Bye-laws, 2018, a provision has been inducted through submitting an application to increase the sections.The school shall admit the students in accordance with the condition laid down by the board. However, a school can seek permission from the board to increase the sections. This is subjected to the following conditions:

  • It is the responsibility of the school to file an application to increase the section by depositing stipulated fees as per the Appendix-I of the CBSE Bye-laws,2018
  • The CBSE board may conduct an inspection to asses the favourable condition to increase the sections
  • A school is not at all permitted to increase the sections by itself or during the pending application. The school can only increase the section when it gets the approval from the CBSE
  • The permission of increasing the class sections is subjected to the total number of the section permissible as per Appendix-I in the CBSE affiliation by-laws 2018.

Restoration of the Affiliation in CBSE as per the Latest CBSE Bye-Laws 2018?

The reinstatement of the affiliation has been introduced through this Bye-laws. It is conditioned meeting the below points:

  • Requisite fees as per Appendix-I would be charged from the school
  • The CBSE Board may conduct the inspection before deciding on the reinstatement of the institution on the request of the school
  • The above request is subjected to fulfilling the condition mentioned in the order of the disaffiliation or downgrading requirements of the affiliation or examination bye-laws of the board, along with any other condition as it is deemed fit by the board
  • The school may be reinstated from the downgraded status to the affiliation of the school if the Board finds fit to do so
  • It is not allowed at all to run or start classes in the contravention to directions of the board which is given in the order of disaffiliation/downgrading. No school has the authority to run or start classes even during the pending application.
  • No fees would be refunded from the Board even if the Board will not withdraw the status of disaffiliation or downgrading

What are the latest CBSE Affiliation Bye-Laws for the closure of the school?

A school affiliated with the CBSE Board is allowed to close down its campuses, and this special provision is subjected to meeting the following terms and conditions of this progressive board:

  • A resolution shall be passed by the registered Society/Trust/Company with the deliberation of closing down the school
  • An express approval shall be granted from the respective Government
  • The request forclosing down the school shall be entertained only vis-à-vis to the school. This school which is seeking permission to close down shall be affiliated with the CBSE with at least three years periods
  • Upon granting the permission of closure, the school shall not be eligible to file its application for the affiliation for the next three consecutive sessions including the session from which the closure has been approved
  • Through the wordings of the affidavit, the school shall pledge to keep and maintain the existing infrastructure and the teachers to facilitate, prepare and send the students to classes IX, X, XI and XII for the board’s examination
  • Finally, a reasonable non-refundable as per the Appendix-I fees would be charged to execute this formality

What is the land requirement as per the Latest CBSE Bye-Laws 2018?

The minimum land requirement to setup a CBSE school varies from  4000 to 8000 square meter, depending upon the location of the school. The land requirements in cities such as Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Pune and Hyderabad have also been slashed to 2,000 square meters for class tenth, and 3,000 or 4,000 square meters for class twelveth respectively. For the NCT, metropolitan cities’ minimum population criteria have been cut down from 2.5 million to 1.5. Even the lease term has been reduced from 30 years periods to just 15 years.

The above intricacies are the necessary ingredients to understand the complexities of opening a new school in tune with the complete dynamic for a new school set-up. Erocon, a one-stop service provider, will help the promoter understand and guide step-by-step right from the project planning phase to commissioning of a school.

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