Feasibility study for a new school project & DPR for bank Loan

Market Research & Feasibility Study to start a new school.

The Feasibility Study and Project Planning services for a new school project is the most important aspect for the promoter to gauge the performance potential of the venture. The school feasibility study helps promoters to be aware of various challenges in school planning stage to set the foundation for a successful new school project. It comprises of an on-site survey, market research, competition analysis, availability of human resources and financial projections along with market entry strategy that leads to the effective utilisation of the execution budget, capital investment and understanding of the market dynamics. Erocon with its 3 decades of industry experience and know-how are the most preferred educational consultancy to undertake a detailed project report for schoolprojects. With its unusual feat, Erocon has successfully undertaken over 450 school feasibility studies since 2009 that cover 22 states in India and locations across the Middle East.


Market Dynamics & Assessment

  • Detailed Site Assessment
  • Location Assessment
  • Identification of Target segment and target catchment
  • Competition Identification
  • Identification of average volume addition trend of the project location.

GAP Analysis

  • Strength, Weakness, Threat and Opportunity (SWOT) Analysis for the Project at the given location.
  • Detailed Competition Analysis
  • Assessment of type of school as per demand of location.

Project Recommendations

  • Opinion on workability of established school franchise model or development of self brand.
  • Opinion on Board affiliation for school to be opted for the project
  • Market Entry Strategy Opinion
  • Associated Brand positioning plan for the school.
  • Pricing Strategy and determination of workable school fee structure
  • Fee Expansion Plan for next 10 years
  • Concept note and Project USP workable for the location
  • Infrastructure Planning with Detailed Area Chart for Master Plan, Phase I & Phase-II  construction
  • Facility Plan for the project
  • Sports Infrastructure Planning
  • Curriculum Recommendation
  • Opinion on Project Expansion and Phase initiation planning
  • Human Resource /Staffing Plan for 10 years
  • Project Construction Timelines and Deadlines
  • Administrative Timelines
  • Opinion on Strategic alliances and education service partners for school project
  • Green School Concept and green school ratings
  • Inputs on IT innovations and Requirements for the school

Detailed Financials & Economics of the Project

  • Complete Project Capital Expense and Budget for Various phase development of the school project.
  • Fee Collection for 10 years
  • Salary Expenses for 10 years
  • Detailed Profit and Loss Account for 10 years
  • Loan Calculation and impact on P/L Account
  • ROI Calculation

Timeline of the report:  25 working days under general services and 10 working days under premium services.

A school feasibility study helps you answer the following:

  • What is the catchment area of targeted families?
  • What is the market segment for which the school is being introduced?
  • What is the paying capacity of the market segment along with the spending capacity of the market segment towards education?
  • Determination of the level of exposure of the market segment in terms of facilities being provided by the existing competitors catering to our target market segment
  • Detailed Competitor Analysis and understanding the mindset of the market dynamics
  • What shall be your school’s concept note, market entry strategy, facility plan and USPs?
  • What is the projected potential and volume addition trend of the target market?
  • What should be the Project Budget?
  • What shall be the right direction and approach for an investment of funds to get the desired outcome?

How Market Feasibility Report for school is prepared

Our purpose is to provide a project report for bank loan by our expert school consultants who identify the likelihood of setting up a school in the area and also provide clarity on whether the school project will deliver the desired outcome. This study comprises of a variety of assessment methods that are undertaken including SWOT analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat Assessment study) & Demand Assessment, Detailed Competition Analysis, Market Entry Strategy, Brand Positioning Plan, Facility Plan & Concept Note, Volume addition trend for the next 10 years, Staffing plan for next 10 years, Project infrastructure & construction area chart, Project Budget and Estimation and finally Profit & Loss account for next 10 years including the loan EMI component.

The Market Feasibility Report for new school project starts with our school consultants undertaking a survey of education establishment & demand around the catchment area followed by a report with demand projections and financials. The site survey is then followed by estimations & opinion on the required investment for site development, potential market and return on investment details.

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