Feasibility study for a new school project & DPR for bank Loan

When you plan to start with a new school project, you will also be required to keep in mind the associated finances for the project. In order to plan your investment and finances in the best possible manner, it is very important to get a grip on the market needs, the potential it has to offer and return on investments for a particular region as considerations may vary from location to location. Our purpose is to provide a feasibility study by our expert school consultants who identify the likelihood of setting up a school in the area and also provide clarity on whether the school project will deliver the desired outcome. This study comprises of variety of assessment methods that are undertaken including SWOT analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat Assessment study) & Demand Assessment, Detailed Competition Analysis, Market Entry Strategy, Brand Positioning Plan, Facility Plan & Concept Note, Volume addition trend for the next 10 years, Staffing plan for next 10 years, Project infrastructure & construction area chart, Project Budget and Estimation and finally Profit & Loss account for next 10 years including Loan EMI component.

Market Dynamics & Assessment  

  • Detailed Site Assessment
  • Location Assessment
  • Identification of Target segment and target catchment
  • Competition Identification
  • Identification of average volume addition trend of the project location.

Gap Analysis

  • Strength, Weakness, Threat and Opportunity (SWOT) Analysis for the Project at the given location.
  • Detailed Competition Analysis
  • Assessment of type of school as per demand of location.

Project Recommendations

  • Opinion on workability of established school franchise model or development of self brand.
  • Opinion on Board affiliation for school to be opted for the project
  • Market Entry Strategy Opinion
  • Associated Brand positioning plan for the school.
  • Pricing Strategy and determination of workable school fee structure
  • Fee Expansion Plan for next 10 years
  • Concept note and Project USP workable for the location
  • Infrastructure Planning with Detailed Area Chart for Master Plan, Phase I & Phase-II  construction
  • Facility Plan for the project
  • Sports Infrastructure Planning
  • Curriculum Recommendation
  • Opinion on Project Expansion and Phase initiation planning
  • Human Resource /Staffing Plan for 10 years
  • Project Construction Timelines and Deadlines
  • Administrative Timelines
  • Opinion on Strategic alliances and education service partners for school project
  • Green School Concept and green school ratings
  • Inputs on IT innovations and Requirements for the school

Detailed Financials and Project Economics

  • Complete Project Capital Expense and Budget for Various phase development of the school project.
  • Fee Collection for 10 years
  • Salary Expenses for 10 years
  • Detailed Profit and Loss Account for 10 years
  • Loan Calculation and impact on P/L Account
  • ROI Calculation

Legal Framework, Affiliation Requisites & Compliances

  • Opinion on formation of trust, society or non profit company.
  • Inputs on Trust/Society/ Company Structure and Framework
  • Overview of School Management Committee rules and requisites
  • Overview on Board Affiliation requisites and compliance requirements
  • Rules and Regulation to be followed by school staff and students

The Project Report will include :

Volume-I Project Summary
Volume-II Economics of the Project

Timeline of the report:  25 working days under general services and 10 working days under premium services.

How we do it.

The detailed project report cum feasibility study for a new school project starts with our school consultants undertaking a survey of education establishment & demand around the catchment area followed by report with demand projections and financials. The site survey is then followed by estimations & opinion on the required investment for site development, potential market and return on investment details. The detailed project report can also be used for the purpose of acquiring bank loan or attracting investors on board. Erocon will clear the biggest hurdle of how to prepare a DPR for school for bank loan purpose.


How much time is taken to construct a school?

1 Executive Summary
2 Feedback on Schools
3 Competitors On The Basis Of Year Of Establishment
4 Competitors On The Basis Of Total Number Of Students
5 Competitors On The Basis Of Distance from the site
6 Competitors On The Basis Of Recurring Fee
7 Location Analysis & Recommendation for Site Selection
8 SWOT Analysis
9 Recommendation Highlights
10 Occupancy Assumption For Next 10 Years
11 Recommended Fee Structure for 2020 – 2021 Academic Session
12 Fee Projection For Next 10 Years
13 Section Versus Teacher Requirement for next 10 Years
14 Human Resource Plan for next 10 Years
15 Organogram
16 Concept Note &Facilities Planned
17 Area Chart For Master Plan
18 Area Chart Planning Options
19 Area Chart For Phase 1
20 Area Chart For Phase 2
21 Strategic Alliances
22 Construction Timelines
23 Administrative Timelines
24 Approvals, Registrations And Affiliations
25 CBSE Affiliation Requisites
26 Curriculum To Be Followed
27 Location Dynamics & Site Photos
28 Demographic Trends
29 Demand For CBSE Schools In India
30 Overview Of Education Plans & Objective Behind Entering The Education Business
31 Project Goals
32 Role/Aims Of Society / Trust
33 School Managing Committee
34 Various Alliances & Partnerships Proposed
35 Registers, Books And Records To Be Maintained
36 Rules & Regulations For Admission
37 Formalities To Be Completed Before Joining The School
38 Rules And Regulations To Be Followed By Students
39 Rules And Regulations To Be Followed By Staff
Cost of building and structures
Misc. Cost + cost of fixed assets
Total construction cost
Pre-operational cost
Total execution cost (phase 1)
Occupancy Assumption for next 10 Years
Recommended Fee Structure for 2020-21 Academic Session
Year wise Fee Collection for next 10 Years
Total fee collection for next 10 years
Total Meal Fee Collection for next 10 Years
Section Versus Teacher Requirement for next 10 Years
Human Resource Plan for next 10 Years
Salary Breakup Chart for next 10 Years
Profit & loss account for next 10 years
Profit & loss account for next 10 years with loan component
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“We had approached EROCON for our school project in a bangalore. The team gave us a detailed insight into the market a very organised report on the running of the school. This has helped us prepare ourself for the upcoming project and serve as a guiding mechanism. Special thanks to team Erocon….

Nikhil Reddy
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