School Construction Management Services

School Construction Management

Erocon has team of experiences school consultants, architects, planners, project managers and engineers to provide hand on services for construction management of exclusively K-12 School projects under CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB and International Schools. The role of a PMC is to be client’s single point of contact while ensuring timely delivery of the project, cost and budget compliance, quality of work along with maintaining required safety conditions on site. PMC represents site and regulates all involved agency thereby making it smooth for clients to manage project development in the best of ways possible as along with effective and efficient coordination, our PMC shall be guiding and advising our clients on all technical aspects of the construction thereby adding more value to the whole process. Our services shall be as following

The scope of services

In order to deliver the project to the expectations required, we propose the following detailed scope of services –

Design Coordination

  • Prepare client brief including time lines and budgets based on discussions with client
  • Assist client in appointment of consultants and finalising scope of works and checking project briefs.
  • Based on details received from consultants prepare the project schedule, including design and development schedule, and execution schedule.
  • General coordination with client and consultants including establishing communication protocols, organising meetings and circulation of minutes and tracking changes.
  • In consultation with client and consultants, coordinate approval of all designs, finishes, and detailed specifications and samples.
  • Check and review drawings of all discipline to confirm site suitability and inter conflicts as far as possible.

Tender and procurement administration

  • Selection of right construction award methodology
  • Compile tender documents in consultation with client, based on conditions, designs, bill of quantities, estimates, specs received from consultants
  • Help identify, and assist owners in pre-qualifying and short listing prospective contractors for each package
  • Float, if required on behalf of client, float tenders / RFPs and invite offers, arrange pre-tender meetings and arrange to answer queries.
  • Review the offers received and negotiate with the contractors in consultation with the Client
  • Recommend the most appropriate contractor for the particular tender package

Construction Stage

Management of Construction

Administer and manage the work of the contractors and suppliers, in accordance with tender conditions.

  • Organize site meetings for coordination and program review
  • Supervise and manage the contractors to achieve satisfactory performance.
  • Recommend course of action when the contractual requirements are not being met
  • Maintain periodic records for work performed
  • Recommend necessary or desirable changes to the Owner

Quality Management

  • Establish, implement and manage a quality management system in accordance with specification and quality control procedure
  • Implement remedial action as defects are noted
  • Cost Management and Bill Certification
  • Check and certify OPC hired contractor’s bills.
  • As per the provided estimated budget, administer budget throughout the project life.

Time Management

  • Based on the developed master schedule program for the project, matching with the project construction schedule in consultation with consultants and contractors.
  • Update and reissue the project construction schedule as required to show current conditions

Safety Management

  • Monitor and maintain adherence to safety plan and conduct regular inspection of work areas to ensure that contractor practices safe practices and maintains good housekeeping on site.

Handover Management 

  • Establish standards for final acceptance along with consultants
  • With the appropriate consultants and client, establish procedure for and manage the commissioning of all services
  • Implement remedial action should any defect be noted
  • Advise the client on acceptance of particular completion; manage hand over to the clients’ operator and maintenance staff and advice on payment of the contractors’ final accounts
  • Assist client team coordination for collection of guarantees, warrantees and closeout phase documentation such as built drawings, operation / maintenance manuals for all services

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