What are the Steps involved in setting up a new school in India

Steps & execution timelines to set up a new school in India?

The ideal time required for effective set up of a new school project is 18 months (0-550 days) starting from Project Feasibility, Market Research, Project Planning till School Launch giving necessary time period for clients to effectively manage and have all aspects in place balancing them efficiently.

Step 1 - Appointment of School Consultants to set up a new schoolDay-1

The first stage towards setting up a new school project requires appointment of school consultant to ensure effective and necessary planning to initiate while making clients being aware of the required efforts and risk identification during the execution stage. Starting from assistance in finalization of the land, Project Feasibility and Planning till Affiliations, School Consultants play the most significant role in setting up a new school project covering all venture dynamics.

Step 2 - Project Inception, Viability and Planning for the new school project(0-45) Days

This stage is of vital importance as Market Research and Project Planning prepares the clients in terms of how to execute and move forward balancing aspects for competition awareness, catchment study, development scenario, 10 year projection for volume addition trend, fee structure, fee projection, facility plan, Project USP, Phase wise Development Area chart, 10 year HR Planning, Salary Structure, Salary Expense, Affiliation Bye Law Compliance, Business Model, Project budget, P/L Account and ROI Analysis on the project. The first 45 days will be utilized for finalization of Project Plan and approval on Project Budget along with DPR.

Step 3 - Land Finalization and Project Funding for the new school project(0-60) Days

Post Feasibility and ROI Analysis along with our detailed planning inputs from school consulting team, clients are in a position to finalize the land on which the project has to be conceived. Along with the same, as the budget is clear to the clients, they are in a position to accordingly arrange for means for project financing to ensure smooth project cash flow for timely commissioning of the school. In case, the land is not available, Erocon as school consultants will guide the clients for the land parcel to be shortlisted for development of the project out of the options being explored by clients. The clients may utilize the time (0-60 days) to acquire the land as required for the school project.

Step 4 - Appointment of School Architects for the new school project(45-60) Days

Post land finalization, the appointment of school architects to initiate design development for the school building and campus so that the approval from authorities on the drawings for initiating the construction of the project. While the clients manage the Project Funding aspect, Architecture appointment can be simultaneously pursued for effective utilization of project time. While the clients are organizing for acquisition of new land, the appointment of school architects are done so that the architecture team could gather necessary data on the project, site, location, dynamics, client’s inclination for building elevations, local design preference aspects, availability of materials for finishes work and survey plans.

Step 5 - Architecture Design Concept for the new school project(45-105) Days

The appointed school architecture team will initiate work on Master plan, Facility Positioning within the campus, Operational Floor Plans on the basis of inputs from school consultants for effective utilization of area and space optimization. Post approval on the floor plans and master plan, the said plans can be shared with government authorities for approval. Simultaneously the school architecture team will work towards development of Building Elevations along with initiating of Tender Development, BOQ, Technical Specifications, Working Drawings for commencement of School Building Constructions. 3 – 3.5 months into the project, the clients should focus on finalizing the Building Concept and Elevations along with Master Plan, Facility Plan and Floor Plans.

Step 6 - Authorities Approval for Construction for the new school project(75-105) Days

After school school architecture team along with clients finalize the master plan and building placement along with derivation of the final area chart, facility plan and sports facilities, authorities are submitted the necessary drawings for getting approval and grant for initiating construction on the work. Simultaneously as mentioned above, school architecture team works on presenting building elevation concept.

Step 7 - Appointment of Contractor & PMC team for the new school project(85-105) Days

Once the conceptual designs for the project are approved by clients along with arranging the necessary finances required for the project, the client should move forward with Tender Development and invite bids from contractor to quote. Post finalization, the Civil and Structure work for the project is initiated after mobilizing labor and clearing the site for construction work. Simultaneously Appointment of site engineer/Project management team who could ensure setting up of necessary channels, reporting system, monitoring system and quality control measures to keep a check on the quality of work being done on site by contractors while coordinating to ensure timely inflow of drawing work, presence of manpower and material for timely delivery.

Step 8 - Commencement of Construction Work for the new school project(105-430) Days

Clients utilize the first 3 -3.5 months for appointment of school consultants, architects, PMC and finalizing project planning, arranging funds for the project, finalizing architecture concept for the building and getting necessary approval for initiating construction. Post receiving approval on the designs from authorities, The construction work can be initiated and it is important for the promoters to complete the construction of school building along with landscape while procuring some furniture 4-5 months prior to the academic session commencement. The timelines for construction should have a cutoff date that will allow the clients to have sufficient time in the tunes of 120 days to 150 days for admissions, marketing and complete infrastructure helps in positioning the school strongly for the interested parents.

Step 9 - Brand Design Development for the new school project(190-310) Days

Taking the starting point of the project at 0 day, The branding exercise for the school project is initiated on the 6th month or 180-190 days and is 4 month process for finalizing all design deliverables of the brand that are further used for marketing and admission purpose at later stages of the project. Brand positioning planning, marketing planning, brand projection strategy that needs to get integrated with the design work for branding that gets done for the project. Initiation with finalizing of name of school, logo design, brochure design, website design along with other design collaterals associated with outdoor creatives, media creatives, school almanac and operations. This exercise is also undertaken throughout the year in a phase wise manner till admission handling training is completed for admission team.

Step 10 - Recruitment Process for the new school project(280-490) Days

Once the considerable aspects of branding and brand design work are completed, the clients should start focusing on initiating the recruitment process. Recruitment happens to be one of the most important aspect for a new school project. Accordingly phase wise planning for recruitment of resources as required for the project are done. Recruitment is also 7-7.5-month process where a phase wise infusion of human resources is done to serve the purpose of the school. Starting from Principal, Accounts team, Admissions team. Majority of the teaching staff join the school around 2-3 months before school commencement and utilize the balance time before school launch for training and academics planning.

Step 11 - Staff Joining, Admin Framework and HR Policy Implementation for the new school project(350-490) Days

Staff joining exercise in a phase wise manner as per the requirements of the project is initiated to ensure effective school admission office and school operations commencement for the new project. Along with the same, finalization of administration framework for the school comprising of all Standard operating procedure for all departments, reporting mechanism and protocols, setting up of ERP system, Accounting system for the school along with training of staff to ensure implementation. In tandem, HR Policy Framework is drafted, finalized and staff is trained for them to understand, acknowledge and follow all rules and regulations they will be required to abide while being a part of the school.

Step 12 - Commencement of Admission Office for the new school project(400-430) Days

The admission office is initiated around 4-5 months prior to the commencement of school’s first academic session. The admission office is started by having all required staff on board, after finalizing the accounting system, branding efforts, ongoing outdoor marketing exercise and activities. Parents are invited to see the campus so that they can make up their mind for enrolling while having an operational accounts team. All interior works for admin, reception, admission zone and classrooms along with activity rooms should be completed.

Step 13 - Commencement of Promotional Activities for the new school project(400-550) Days

Commencement of promotional activities are done around 5 months prior to school opening to ensure maximum footfalls and sending out the news in the market for the entry of our new school project. All necessary marketing planning, marketing activities to be undertaken along with marketing budget are finalized and accordingly carried out over a course of 3-5 months while the admission team is in place, admission handling process is set up and training for the admission staff is completed. Coordination with local PR vendors, digital partners, media partners are further integrated under promotional exercises to broaden the horizon of publicizing the commencement of the new school project.

Step 14 - Academic Planning & Training for the new school project(460-550) Days

Academic Planning, Curriculum finalization, lesson planning, academic year planning and training of teaching staff is undertaken once majority of the teaching staff is hired for the new school project. In order to ensure effective implementation of the vision for a successful school academics and offerings, teachers are trained on parent handling, class handling, lesson planning, annual academics planning and curriculum delivery aspects. As mentioned above, academic planning along with staff training is initiated when the recruitment of majority teaching staff is completed around 3 months prior to the start of academic session.

Step 15 - School CommencementDay - 550

The school is finally commenced post organizing an effective parent’s orientation program to address their queries and school launch program. All above efforts get finally converged to timely and effectively commence the new school project as per the targeted academic session.

Note: School Licensing & Affiliation Milestones are not included in the document as the timelines differ from state to state. For more information on this , kindly contact our team. Click here to read more about school setup process.

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