Why School Consultants

Are you with the determination of opening a school in India?

Are you reeling under the operational challenges to run your school? Are you ready to get challenged for the status quo of your school? Are you looking for the best CBSE School Planning Consultants?

These are a few vital questions which can be addressed by the Erocon Consultants. Our consultant’s primary job is to analyze, strategize and study the position or inception of your school project. We work with you shoulder-to-shoulder for figuring out the challenges and hurdles. We then chart out the whole school project from scratch to the smooth, and successful operation. Our effective planning and market research earn you solutions that mitigate roadblocks.

Erocon is India’s premier school consultancy firm for starting a school in India.

In the capacity of scripting the success path of many schools, Erocon has facilitated the numerous schools in chalking out the school project plan with the sterling outcome of 20% to 25% cost-cutting from the capital investment. Our experienced consultant infuses the strategic planning with the assured 18% to 22% more revenue generation, striking a fine balance between a school’s facilities & offerings according to the paying capacity, and the reasonable & justified chargeable fees structure.  Our clients are relishing the operational break-even within 2-3 years from the outset of a school. Many projects in different parts of India consulted by Erocon has encashed the fund from the Return-on-Investment (ROI) and break-even with the guaranteed spell of just 5-7 years. Infrastructure inputs, forming our most efficient procedure to open a school in India, have reaped the dividends of 25% to 40% more savings from the capital investments. This huge saving from the tight budget of kick-starting a school project received the well-deserved admiration from our promoters.

Erocon is known for executing timely delivery of school project through its various value addition and experience-based offerings while foreseeing the anticipated hurdles. It ensures the most appropriate market entry strategy for schools that step into a highly unpredictable market with the world-class facilities and the most creative education meeting the psychological and emotional needs of every growing student. The schools consulted and developed by Erocon have achieved many milestones, breaking its records, regardless of the ongoing fierce competition in the given market.

Erocon has cited the example of best branding work with the determined positioning and projection of school to be the best in its segment. It ignites the spark of “pull-factor” inventing an array of branding activities, utilizing numerous creative marketing tools to infuse a sense of confidence into the anxious parents’ mind for their kids’ future. These are a few reasons as to why we have been consistently hired, not only in India but other parts of the world.

Is your mind tickled by the question about how to start a CBSE school in India or how to start an international curriculum school in India? The first assistance that is required in a school project is project planning, regulatory requisites and mandates, compliances and procedures in obtaining a school licence. The second step is financial planning or gathering general information about the school business in terms of finances or profit & loss model over the first 10-15 years. Finally, once the idea moves from thoughts to conceptualisation, the next course of action is to find the right team, advisory services or dedicated team of school consultants to execute the project. That’s where we fit into the picture for nailing the job from start to finish.

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