About Erocon

About Erocon

About Erocon

India's Premier School Consulting & Architecture Firm

Erocon, India’s premier turnkey school consulting firm, renowned for being one of the best school advisors and consultants, has been rendering consulting services since 1992, starting from the inception to the smooth operations of K–12 school projects. We have successfully expanded our horizons by advising and guiding over 791 school projects spread across 24 states in India and overseas locations across the Middle East and Africa.

Erocon, acclaimed for its expertise in advising on how to open schools in India, has in-house school advisory and architecture services for ongoing projects presently that have a project net worth of 2800 Cr under its advisory for the financial year 2023–24. Creating an impact right from the private to government sectors, making it the most reputed and established advisory firm in India and the PAN Asia region. Erocon caters its services to initiate all ranges of K–12 school setups, ranging from CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, and IB board schools.

Erocon’s expertise lies in not only facilitating school projects but also advising on effective planning, resulting in significant cost savings ranging from 20% to 25%. Our seasoned consultants seamlessly integrate strategic planning, ensuring a delicate balance that leads to 18% to 22% higher revenue generation. This balance is achieved by aligning a school’s facilities and offerings with the prevailing paying trends of the location and a venture-specific fee structure.



Our commitment to clients goes beyond initiation, supporting them to achieve operational breakeven within 2–3 years from the commencement of school projects. Remarkably, the return on investment period consistently falls within the guaranteed time span of 5-7 years.

Central to our approach is guiding clients in understanding the most suitable business model for their projects. Whether addressing regulatory pressures, assessing area demand, managing enterprise risks, evaluating competition, ensuring affiliation compliance, designing infrastructure, or projecting the brand, we assist in identifying optimal strategies to drive projects forward.

Erocon’s track record speaks volumes, consistently earning the highest customer satisfaction rating of 4.95/5 and garnering repeated accolades for being the best education advisory firm and the best school consulting firm in India.


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