Construction Agency for Schools in India

Construction Agency for Schools in India

Construction Agency for Schools in India

Dedicated School Construction Services in India.

Erocon has started its dedicated construction services for school building and campus development undertaking the responsibility to not just plan but to deliver the best quality school building set up as per project vision ensuring quality, cost effectiveness and time bound delivery.

One of the most important step in the development of a school venture is the construction of school building and campus. Whatever is perceived, planned and designed to create the required impact to differentiate the offering from competitors is hugely dependent on the quality of design and construction that is done. This being said, it is also the most important aspect that creates an impact, whether positive or negative on the ends of the parents who come in as a new admission query. The look and feel of the building, campus, ambience developed, quality of construction and neatness is what all promoters wish to achieve at the end of the day to make sure that the parents take note of all efforts being put by the team. But to achieve the same, there are multiple aspects that are required to be balanced in order to achieve the required result.

Planning of execution activities as per scope. Appointment of consultants
Determination of site constraints and mitigation plan Identification of site constraints and development of execution plan
Risk management and mitigation plan Coordination for establishing technical specifications and estimation of tentative project budget
Budget and Cash flow planning Development of plan of action, project schedule, labour deployment schedule and procurement schedule
Procurement and Supply chain management Development of Monitoring, Tracking and Reporting structures for project communication
Site mobilization Design Coordination
Labor team deployment Tender Management
Technical team mobilsaiton Procurement Advisory and Selection of Vendors
Making site ready for construction On site execution management
Inventory management and supplies Quality Assurance and Quality Control
Civil and structural execution work as per schedule Safety Management
Services installation and commissioning as per schedule Handover Management
Interior Finishing work
Landscape and External development
Snag List, Handover & Defects liability Period
Team of established school consultants having expertise in know how of school planning, project requirements, set up and operations.
Team of Established Architects knowing what best suits the requirements of project, clients taste and design aesthetics in line with brand positioning plan while creating the right impact for the parents.
Capability and know how to optimise requirements and get best outcome while being in line with project due to exposure of multiple schools projects.
Experience of team having exposure for over 400 school projects in various Tier 1,2,3 all across the country.
Value engineering and addition services.
Team of Construction managers and engineers having the required know how to deliver the best execution services on site.
Project Management experience lending expertise to plan, monitor, track and ensuring quality control during execution work.
Best quality material vendors and supply chain management ensuring quality and timely deliver of material on site.
Excellent quality of workmanship optimising wastage of material, time and cost.
Green building features within the given budget.
Our design and construction process along with proposed materials as USP shall be green building certification such as IGBC, GRIHA, LEED and ASMERO compliant. Clients may apply for green building certificate on our design and construction within low or no cost impact on overall project cost.
Reduce wastage of resources, cost and overshooting of project budget by curtailing unnecessary requirements resulting from improper planning.

The most important aspect in construction of a school project in India is ensuring timely deliverable. Timely delivery of a finished and constructed campus gives promoters the advantage to create a good first impression as planned. In order to do so it is necessary that construction gets sufficient time to provide the nest of quality of construction. Not being able to deliver on time affects the complete venture dynamics as net outcome of the venture for the promoters being a good jump start number and a good number of admissions. Hence timely delivery of school building is necessary. If we do a back working, a minimum of 4-5 months are needed effectively to create the right admission buzz. In general school session begins from either April or June. Thereby the cut off date for building handover shall not exceed December-January. The construction size further dictates the requirement of time. In general it is possible while enduring cost effectiveness to achieve a 30,000 square feet to 60,000 square feet built up area along with development of 3-4 acre campus within 7-10 months satisfactorily given that a strong team of motivated engineers having the drive to ensure timely delivery are involved in the construction process and are left to efficiently take care of the build services. Erocon has such a team of motivated, dedicated and technical expert architects, managers, engineers and team to deliver the best of quality within the given timeline and cost to ensure that the promoters are able to execute the vision as planned. Being School consultants, School Architects and School Construction Managers further gives us the in depth knowledge and exposure of complete aspects to tackle various challenges on site with respect to execution, budget and quality while constructing school projects.

The promoters also face the challenge of how much should be constructed to meet CBSE affiliation and by laws requirements. School Consulting team thereby guides accordingly in terms of phase 1 built up area while envisioning the development plan for next 10 years horizon. Hence the Design team and construction team is well aware of the project goals, intent,vision,market dynamics, promoting green building provisions and good quality construction for schools differentiating our team from other contracting agencies lacking vision and way forward.

Only for new school establishment
Existing Schools can write the School Name and Address

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