India’s Only Turnkey School Consultants for K-12 Education

India’s Only Turnkey School Consultants for K-12 Education

India’s Only Turnkey School Consultants for K-12 Education

Best Advisory firm for K-12 School Setup Process in India

The education system started evolving as the technology adaptation & 21st century skills was considered essential by India’s school educational boards. But many schools failed at its execution. That’s where Erocon, as school consultants, have helped clients to embody innovation in education in their school by overhauling school policies, academic programs, facilities, and initiatives. We pursue each school with a personalized approach to upscale their visionary setups.Time and again, we have proved our mettle and now we have been rewarded with your trust, loyalty and preference.

Pioneer of K-12 School Market Research Agency

Our interim reports to final documentation of the project have led many prime groups of schools to a progressive future. The agenda is to equip you with the finest details and market story before you settle to place yourself in the marketplace.

Issuing market opinion reports for schools is considered essential to begin the planning of school architecture and administration processes accordingly. We identify the audience and come up with the right strategy to start a new school.

Our detailed market opinion report has become quite instrumental for existing schools to plan their expansion. Whether the authorities are planning to open branches, acquire schools or seeking advice for an upgrade, the opinion report brings the truest analysis forward.

If you think, you’re ready to take the next step, Erocon is by far the best and wisest choice to do so.

Exclusive Turnkey School Consultants in India.

We are the only school consulting firm that has in-house sub-teams to handle departments like Market Research, Consultation, Auditing, Finance, Architecture, and Licensing.

Having experts with years of experience in their respective fields has allowed us to fast track the progress and depend least on outsourcing talent.

This enables our clients to quickly see the results from paper to reality. We integrate our methodologies with your ideologies to create the school of your dreams.

Largest Clientele in India

Erocon’s school advisors have successfully delivered 791+ consulting projects among which there are 107+ turnkey projects. We have successfully marked our footsteps in all directions of India. We ascertain results are delivered at all cost.

Acknowledged & Rewarded for our work

We don’t fear away from sharing the great work that Erocon has put up throughout the constantly active years. We were able to deliver Pandemic-friendly school infra and help entrepreneurs to claim their dream of running a school that invited change for the future generation.

In the list of our accolades, we have added quite some titles to be proud of:

Erocon features in Forbes India (March Edition)

Showing exemplary performance to establish education brands pan India, Erocon’s Director, Shiraz Kirmani was felicitated by WBR Corp UK Ltd. for 45 under 45 Brightest minds of India. This victory is marked during the year when schools were struggling to transform digitally. Erocon, with its team of experts, bought initiatives that turned the tables around for clients.

National Architecture & Interior Design Excellence Awards 2021

Our school consultancy firm is recognized as the Top & Most Innovative school Architecture & Design of the year for delivering marvellous project after project in 2020-21. With an in-house team of architects, Erocon has made school management speed up the school setup process. As we depend least on outsourcing consultants, we aim to get maximum result in a short span.

National Education Excellence Award 2021

It is an honour to receive the “Best School Consultants of the Year” award presented to Chairman of Erocon, Shri SAS Kirmani by Tennis Legend, Shri Mahesh Bhupati. It is an award received for all the team’s hard work for establishing the values and beliefs that we stand for. It wasn’t possible if you, our most valued partners didn’t show trust in us. Ultimately, our success is intertwined with our clients’ progress.

Case Study: How Erocon turned around market entry strategy for MS Dhoni Global School, Bangalore

In India, where Cricket is the most loved sport and MS Dhoni, the most respected cricketer, we drew a strategic plan to establish the very first institution that reflects the man himself. Under his guidance, MS Dhoni Global School is now India’s most futuristic school that prepares a child for the 21st Century challenges.

To build this forward-thinking school in the main IT Hub, Electronic City of Bengaluru, we assimilated the target audience and the existing competition. We approached the marketplace with the uniqueness of this school. Once we were certain of our positioning, the school branding and marketing were initiated to distinguish the already-existing brand- MS Dhoni and rebranding him as the modern educator. The young generation will connect well and feel inspired.

What’s in for you?

If you think there is a dream you’d like to achieve and make an impact on the young minds by providing education of quality, then Erocon will hand-hold you from the first step to the final. We guide clients -step by step process to open a school in India. As your school consultants, we live your dream together.

Only for new school establishment
Existing Schools can write the School Name and Address