School Quality Audits

School Quality Audits

School Quality Audits

Assessment & Improvement Program for schools.

An internal self-assessment carried out by a school against an array of research-based quality standards will reveal enriching insights. This self-assessment practise for the school will uncover many unaddressed and hidden challenges that the school is not able to recognise or understand. Here comes the vital role of the School Quality Audit for CBSE and ICSE Schools programme offered by Erocon. Regular quality audits instill a lot of confidence in the school’s leadership and other stakeholders to improve the school’s performance at an unprecedented level. This practise also brings forth the deficiencies and other challenges that were badly affecting the school’s performance.

The school quality audit programme for CBSE and ICSE schools has been designed in the most structured manner to meet the consistent requirements of the schools, transforming education to a global standard. This exercise offers the tools to critically examine its vision, strategies, priorities, leadership, programmes, resources, policies, etc. The school quality audit consultants from Erocon are well versed in the latest innovations, pedagogical approaches, and changing educational landscapes.


Scholastic & co-scholastic programmes

  • Review of existing books and curriculum in school for all classes
  • Review of the annual calendar (holidays, PTMs, examinations and assessments, events and activities, etc.)
  • Review of syllabus breakup/curriculum (subject-wise and class-wise)
  • Review of the timetable along with the allocation of periods to subject teachers and load calculation.
  • Review of the School Almanac
  • Review of classroom management
  • Review of Evaluation, Assessment, Revision, Worksheets, Assignments, and Report Card
  • Review of Co-curricular Activities: Plan, Calendar, and Conduct
  • Review of the Use of Innovative Teaching Methodologies in the Classroom
  • Review of Supplementary Education: Healthy Habits, Cleanliness, and Hygiene, Road Safety, Financial Literacy, and the Digital World
  • Review of interpersonal relationships and their impact on professions or institutes
  • Detailed assessment and analysis of policy, annual event planning, lesson planning mechanisms, academic content validation, and efficiency
  • Detailed assessment of existing teachers and gap analysis with respect to academic delivery as per plan, along with assessment on aspects such as subject matter expertise, class handling, lesson planning, and evaluation techniques
  • Restructuring recommendations for academics to ensure better outcomes and long-term value addition post-identification of weaknesses in academic planning and delivery means
  • Review of Sports Curriculum, CCA Activities, and Annual Event Schedule


  • Review and assessment of all existing reporting structures associated with school operations and reporting mechanisms
  • Review and assessment of all HR policies and legal frameworks for the school to identify gaps and accordingly recommend necessary solutions to manage better.
  • Review and assessment of the accounting system and operations model in place.
  • Review of admin staff and their delivery and implementation methods to identify gaps and accordingly recommend
  • Review of School Operations: Transport, Food Services, and Housekeeping
  • Review of the Parent and Staff Handbook
  • Review of School Governance
  • Review of Organisational Structure
  • Review of Administrative Guidelines and Service Rules


  • Review of classrooms and lab facilities
  • Review of Campus Safety and Security
  • Review of outdoor play areas and learning zones
  • Review of Classroom Setup
  • Review of IT in education
  • Review of the Facility Offering Plan of the School
  • Review of various set-ups such as libraries, math labs, science labs, computer labs, language labs, EVS labs, physics, chemistry, and biology labs, etc.
  • Review of Sports Curriculum Partner/Individual Sports Partner
  • Review of IT/Hardware Partner Offering
  • Review of Digital Content Partner Offering
  • Review of various existing tie-ups and associations for music, dance, robotics, life skills partners, co-curricular activities, SUPW activities, student exchange programmes, co-scholastic activities, meals, school kitchens, community service, etc.
  • Suggest necessary tie-ups and strategic partners to restructure academic offerings as per requirements and for betterment.


  • Review of Building Safety Certificates & Permissions
  • Review of CBSE Documentation, OASIS,LOC data
  • Review of Infrastructure Requirements as per latest CBSE Guidelines.
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