CBSE Affiliation Advisory Services

CBSE Affiliation Advisory Services

CBSE Affiliation Advisory Services

The stages involved in CBSE Affiliation Application Process

CBSE affiliation marks a crucial milestone in the progress of a school project. The lack of awareness and a clear understanding of CBSE requirements can become substantial barriers to the school’s growth. Our consultants are adept at handling the CBSE affiliation application following SARAS 5.0 guidelines and have, in the past, been integral members of CBSE inspection teams. The affiliation process encompasses a multitude of procedures, intricate documentation, and specific infrastructure and experienced CBSE consultants. Erocon takes charge of the entire process, simplifying it for our clients and minimizing their efforts in navigating the CBSE affiliation application process.

cbse affiliation process

Documents required for the CBSE Affiliation process as per Saras 5.0

  • UDISE number
  • Digitally signed Self certification document
  • N.O.C.(No Objection Certificate) from the respective Government
  • Formal Recognition Letter from the education department of the respective State or UT
  • A scanned copy of registration letter of Trust/Society/Company (under section 25 (I) (a) of the Companies Act 1956
  • Land Certificate from the concerned authority
  • Video clip of school
  • Fire safety certificate
  • Health & Sanitation certificate
  • Building Safety Certificate
  • EPF registration certificate
  • Staff Statement
  • Self Certification Proforma of school

What are Infrastructure norms for CBSE Affiliation as per Saras 5.0?

  • Class room – A well-ventilated class of 8m.X 6m.(approximately 500 square feet), giving a floor space of at least 1 square meter per student shall be constructed or existed.
  • A composite laboratory for secondary – and separate laboratories such as Chemistry, Physics, Biology for Senior Secondary respectively should be equipped with the area of 9m. X 6m. (approximately 600 square feet).
  • Library – Within the premises of the school, a library with an area of 14m X 8m should be developed with the reading arrangements. The library contains e-Books, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Reference Books, Encyclopedias, Periodicals, Magazines, and Newspapers.
  • Computer Lab – The school seeking CBSE affiliation should also develop the Computer Lab with at least 20 computers along with excellent internet connectivity,
  • Mathematics Laboratory – The school should have separate provision for Math Lab at least of the size of a regular class room. 8m.X 6m.(approximately 500 square feet)
  • Rooms for Extracurricular activities – Area of 8m.X 6m.(approximately 500 square feet) music, dance, arts, and sports, etc (optional)
  • Play-ground and sports facilities – Minimum 10000 sq.ft (929 sq. mtr.) open playground for outdoor sports and other activities
  • Drinking water, Toilets , Provision for CWSN Toilets & Ramp

What is the last date for submission of CBSE Affiliation application as per Saras 5.0?

The last date of submission of CBSE Affiliation Application process is 30th April, 2024

February 2024 – April 2024 Subject to extension of Deadline
  • Approval for Middle Class Syllabus
  • Fresh Affiliation Up to Secondary Level
  • Fresh Affiliation up to Senior Secondary Level
  • Fresh Affiliation upto Secondary Level Switch over from Other Boards (Only Schools who are already affiliated to another Board)
  • Fresh Affiliation upto Senior Secondary Level Switch over from Other Boards (Only Schools who are already affiliated to another Board)
  • Up-gradation to Secondary Level
  • Up-gradation to Senior Secondary Level
  • Extension of Affiliation
  • Permission of site shifting
  • Restoration of affiliation
  • Permission of two Shifts
  • Section Increase
  • Introduction of Additional Subject (Science for Sr Sec level)
  • Permission of name change of school / Society / trust
  • Transfer of school from one society / trust to another

Land Requirement for CBSE Affiliation versus number of sections & enrolments

What are the steps involved in CBSE Affiliation process?

Click here for the steps involved in CBSE Affiliation process.

Only for new school establishment
Existing Schools can write the School Name and Address

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