Execution Agency for CSR in Education

Planning & Execution Agency for CSR in Education

Erocon consulting services is starting a new initiative of becoming a single point of agency for enterprises enabling maximum utilization of their CSR investments into education sector.We understand the critical gaps, which are yet to be identified and addressed. Education sector is one of the most popular segments, which receives a good amount of CSR funds. Still a substantial impact and development in the education sector is yet to be realized. Our organization will be responsible to provide a one-stop solution to this.

We will Design and develop a master plan for maximum utilization of your CSR funds into education sector. After approval for the same the CSR committee, we shall facilitate, co-ordinate, execute and handover along with a completion report while quantifying the impact for activities and plans engaged in to develop the education sector and ensure growth of our future generations thereby enabling country’s growth.Our CSR execution partner, Meadows Foundation amidst a team of leading market research agencies, leading school consultants, best architects of CBSE/ IB school, Energy consultants and energy auditors etc work towards deriving a solution best for your requirement.

We will take care of the following responsibilities

  • Understand vision, mission and intent of the organization with respect to their CSR goals.
  • Design a master plan for CSR initiatives to be undertaken in the education sector based on feasibility study.
  • Market research and feasibility study for impact assessment potential and gap analysis.
  • Provide required financial budget while setting up timelines for planned activities.
  • Co-ordination with CSR Committee/ department handling CSR activities of the organization
  • Develop an execution plan to undertake the approved CSR activities.
  • Co-ordinate development and execution of the planned activities as approved and decided in line with discussions with company’s CSR committee.
  • Monitor progress for the execution activities to make sure compliance to the deliverable time and allocated budget.
  • Handover of initiatives undertaken under CSR plan of the organization.
  • Branding and PR of the CSR activities while coordinating with CSR committee of the organization to ensure better brand positioning of the organization.

Erocon will plan & design

  • New School Projects
  • Adopting Schools
  • Developing training programs for underprivileged
  • Curriculum designing
  • Promoting & conversions to Green Schools
  • Community awareness programs and workshops
  • Design Free education/ low cost operation school.
  • Development of talent pool by designing and organising talent search programs for short term scholarships and long term sponsored education.

CSR or Corporate social responsibility focuses on the responsibility, initiatives and measures taken up by enterprising organization, which are in line with the development of the society in the country where it is operating. They have to realize and take into consideration the impact they can have on a lot of issues the country is plagued with which hinders growth and development of the nation.

One of the surprising fact about the concept of CSR has been into existence for over 2 centuries. With time it has evolved from being a philanthropic practice to becoming a management concept integrating social and environmental impacts in business operations to ensure a sustainable growth. CSR initiatives have become a mandatory provision as per Government regulations for all the top earning listed enterprises and organizations.

As per the clause 135 of Companies Act 2013, the companies for whom formation of a Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of the Board is mandatory-

Every company having net worth of INR 500 crore (INR 5 billion) or more,


Turnover of INR 1,000 crore (INR 10 billion) or more


Net profit of INR 5 crore (INR 50 million) or more during any financial year.

More than 75% of the top 100 companies have invested their CSR funds on at least one program to address education in the last couple of years validating that education sectors are one of the most popular segment for CSR programs. But as per our findings and also as per a general observation there are still no commendable improvements being made given the investments being into the sector.

Erocon’s CSR execution solutions will make sure that our clients undertake the right initiative in the education sector for development which eventually will have the required impact as desired thereby making it possible to conclude matters on a successful and satisfactory note.

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