Our approach

The big questions are simple: where do I start and how do I get where I want to go?

Erose Consulting Services will help you answer these questions. Our primary approach is to help the clients understand the
business model to be adopted for their projects and be it regulatory pressures or assessing area demand, enterprise risk
or brand projection. We help all to identify the best approach to take matters forward.

We are well equipped to meet the challenges and opportunities Indian schools face. We have access to the unique experience and capabilities of our more than 25 school consultants who have work with top brands across India. They have a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of each local market in which we operate.

Our focus is to help identify the need & demand that needs to be addressed to set up the most required educational
organisation in that area. We work side-by-side with you and your teams not only to address your issues and unlock value, but also to create a dynamic environment where you can grow, evolve and thrive — with or without our help.

Delivering Outcomes. With Certainity.

We guide our clients to identify and gain awareness on what all bottlenecks are present and how they are to be tackled to make sure that they help our clients to reach where they want to be in the market. Whether be regulatory pressures or assessing area demand, enterprise risk or brand projection, we help all to identify the best approach to take matters forward.

We explore, develop strategies and plan, develop means to address multiple issues to build an organization of repute and lasting value. We draw on an approach which could be tailored to fit your organization’s unique needs.

In a nut shell, if you are looking for professional team or advisory services for a school project, we help our clients to establish their school in India starting from undertaking the Feasibility study to design conception to establishing curriculum, values, marketing strategy to attract admissions and design your school operation and revenue model.

how can we help you?

Contact us at the Consulting WP office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

“Since the day I was introduced to EROCON I have myself learnt so many new things in the field of education. A team of extremely qualified professionals who would rule by rule and objectively take care of all your education related queries. They make you follow all rules and show you the confidence you had not seen in your own self. I love working with this young yet dynamic team of professionals and would further lovingly continue to do so. “

Sumant Rishikesh
Promoter, Rishikesh International School, Uttrakhand

“Erocon Consultancy has been of immense help since day one when I began chalking out my venture. Their services have been prompt and have the ability to look into intricate details. The team has been very courteous and supportive…highly experienced and knowledgeable.
Extremely satisfied with their services.”

Sunita Bansal
Promoter, Pratibhayan World School, Jharkhand

“We had approached EROCON for our school project in a bangalore. The team gave us a detailed insight into the market a very organised report on the running of the school. This has helped us prepare ourself for the upcoming project and serve as a guiding mechanism. Special thanks to team Erocon….

Nikhil Reddy
Promoter, New School Project at Bangalore

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