School Architecture Services

School Architecture Services

School Architecture Services

School Architecture & Engineering Services

Erocon provides school architecture services through a specialized team of school architects who focus on expertise in school operations, safety standards, and a profound understanding of designing innovative learning zones within school campuses. Our extensive experience in the realm of schools sets us apart from other school architecture firms, enabling us to achieve time savings of 30–40% compared to any other design consultant in the industry when working on your school design. Our school designs are streamlined for efficiency, leading to a reduction of approximately 15-20% in the overall project costs.

school architecture services

School Architecture Deliverables versus Timelines

Concept Design Includes General Arrangement Drawings 20 days from the date of engagement.
Final Design Includes Preliminary Drawings for Clients Approval 20-25 days from the date of engagement
Drawing for statutory Approval Approval drawing coordination with local architect for submission 30-50 days from the date of submission in authorities.
Tender Packages Detailed drawings for Tender document stage including preparation of tender documents and bills of Quantities (BOQ) with technical specification and make list required for selection of vendors. 15-20 days from the date of final design approval
Preparation of Good for construction drawings Coordinated detailed drawings for Civil, structural, MEP & Service layouts along with interior finishing details. 15-20 days from the date of award of work to contractors.
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The suitability of architects for CBSE or IB schools is not determined solely by the aesthetics of school buildings and campus development. True success lies in the internal elements of the building, encompassing facility planning, operations, maintenance, open spaces, and activity areas.

Following a thorough analysis of requirements derived from finalizing facilities and considering various design considerations, our architectural team offers a range of services for our proposed school projects.

A prevalent error among architects is a lack of familiarity with the specific requirements of CBSE or IB schools for new projects. Led by seasoned school consultants, our architectural team not only ensures that the building aligns with CBSE or IB school standards but also takes proactive measures to prevent additional infrastructure costs during the affiliation process with CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi), state government, or IB approval agencies.

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