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School Architecture & Engineering Services

Erocon offers school planning and architecture services exclusively for school projects. As a school consulting firm, our expertise in understanding school operations helps our in-house architects incorporate planning into their designs. Our background gives us an edge over other consultants, as we save 30–40% more time by working on your school design than any other design consultant in the industry.

school architecture services

School Architecture Design Process

School Architecture Deliverables versus Timelines

Setting up a new School in Bengaluru
  • Three decades of experience in setting up schools and understanding operations and requirements for the project
  • A team of the best architects for schools and school consultants adds value to the infrastructure development process.
  • Detailed knowledge of technical requirements enables us to curtail project spending.

Often, the best architects for CBSE schools or IB schools are not judged by the look of school buildings and campus development, whereas success lies in what is inside the building in terms of facility plan, operations, maintenance, open spaces, and activity areas.

Our architectural team, after analysing the requirements derived from finalising the facilities and taking into account various design consideration aspects, provides the following services for our proposed school projects:

The most common mistake made by architects is a lack of knowledge of CBSE requirements for a new school or IB school requirements. Our architectural team, headed by experienced school consultants, will not only ensure that the building requirements are in compliance with CBSE or IB school requirements but will also ensure that no additional cost on infrastructure is put into the project to meet the requirements at the time of affiliation by the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi), state government, or IB approval agencies.

Erocon Architecture Clients

After working with various architects on multiple projects across the country, we found that there is a need to have dedicated architects for schools exclusively to understand the exact requirement of a client to build the most beautiful school in India, which differs from case to case, and meet the growing demand in the market.

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