Consulting for New School Setup

Consulting for New School Setup

Consulting for New School Setup

Advisory services to setup a new school in India.

Erocon guides clients through every aspect of the school setup process, providing insights into operational challenges encountered throughout the project cycle. We meticulously safeguard the interests of promoters across the entire spectrum, commencing with project planning, legal framework, branding, marketing, recruitment, administration framework, staff training, and affiliations. Our dedicated school consultants excels in successfully establishing CBSE, ICSE, IB, and IGCSE school projects.

Establishing a school involves meticulous planning, covering aspects like location, budget, services, board affiliation, vision, core team assembly, and syllabus development. Setting the school apart requires effective marketing, PR, admission processes, pre-launch campaigns, audience engagement, and a well-thought-out opening ceremony. School consulting services are tailored to meet specific needs, considering various stakeholders and decision-makers. The ultimate mission is to transform the school into a standout changemaker in the education industry.

Steps & Timelines involved in setting up a new school.

  • Appointing School Consultants or School Advisory Team (Day 1)
  • School Project Planning (Days 0-45)
  • Establish a Trust/Society/Section 25 company (Days 45-60)
  • Finalization of land to open the school (Days 0-60)
  • Appointing School Architects to design the new school (Days 45-60)
  • Master Plan & Building Elevation for establishing new school project in India (Days 45-105)
  • Building Approval & Permission required to open a new school in India (Days 75-105)
  • Appointment of school construction agency & PMC team for the new school project (Days 85-105)
  • Construction Activity & Interiors Work for the new school project (Days 105-430)
  • Branding & Market Positioning Strategy to open a new school in India (Days 190-310)
  • Recruitment of Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff (Days 280-490)
  • Staff Joining & HR Policy Implementation for the new school project (Days 350-490)
  • Commencement of Admission Office for the new school project (Days 400-430)
  • Promotional Activities for the new school project (Days 400-550)
  • Academic Planning & Training for the new school project (Days 460-550)
  • Applying for School Permissions to start a school in India (Days 460-550)
  • School Commencement (Day 550)

Consulting services to set up a new schoolPre-Commissioning Stage & Compliances

Feasibility Study & Project Planning Services

Feasibility Study: Analyze the practicality and viability of the proposed school project considering market demand, regulatory requirements, financial resources, and technical feasibility.

Market & Location Analysis: Evaluate target market demographics, competition, infrastructure, and accessibility to identify the most suitable location for the school.

Entry Strategy: Develop a strategic plan for market positioning, target audience, pricing, and promotional activities to gain a competitive advantage in the Indian education market.

Project Recommendations: Provide actionable suggestions for curriculum, facilities, staffing, operational procedures, and branding to optimize school performance and meet market needs.

Detailed Financials: Prepare comprehensive financial projections, including revenue forecasts, cost estimates, investment requirements, and funding sources, to assess the project’s financial feasibility and profitability.

Advisory for Legal & Compliance Framework

Legal Entity Advisory: Offer guidance on selecting the appropriate legal structure (trust, society, or company) for the school, considering governance, liability, and compliance aspects under relevant Indian laws.

Statutory Compliances: Provide assistance in obtaining licenses, permits, and approvals from government bodies, ensuring compliance with regulations related to building codes, safety standards, labor laws, and educational norms.

Asset Arrangement: Advise on acquiring or leasing suitable assets such as land, buildings, and facilities, covering aspects like site selection, land acquisition procedures, and infrastructure development.

Income Model: Develop a sustainable revenue model through recommendations on fee structures, admission policies, fundraising, and collaborations to ensure financial viability while maintaining affordability for students.

Tax & Audit Structure: Offer guidance on tax planning, compliance with tax laws (e.g., income tax, GST), and establishment of an audit framework for transparent financial reporting and regulatory compliance.

Infrastructure Planning Services

Affiliation Advisory: Guide through the affiliation process with educational boards, ensuring compliance with standards.

Infrastructure Planning: Assist in designing optimal facility layouts and floor plans for classrooms, labs, offices, and recreational areas.

Campus Safety: Provide expertise in implementing safety protocols, emergency plans, and security measures.

Green Building & Labs: Advise on incorporating sustainable practices into campus design and equipping labs with modern facilities for scientific research.

Procurement Advisory Services & Tie-Ups

Procurement Scheduling: Develop a detailed timeline for purchasing goods and services required by the school, ensuring alignment with operational needs and project deadlines.

Requirement & Specifications: Clearly define the school’s needs and technical specifications for each purchase, including quantity, quality standards, features, and performance criteria, based on input from stakeholders.

Technical Comparatives: Conduct comprehensive evaluations and comparisons of different products, vendors, and service providers to identify the most suitable options. Analyze factors such as price, quality, reliability, durability, compatibility, and warranty terms to make informed procurement decisions.

Quality Approvals: Implement rigorous quality assurance measures to verify that procured goods and services meet the specified standards and requirements. This may involve conducting product testing, inspecting samples, and obtaining necessary certifications or approvals to ensure quality and compliance.

Negotiations: Engage in negotiations with suppliers and vendors to secure favorable terms, pricing, and conditions for procurement contracts. Utilize negotiation strategies to optimize value, minimize costs, and address any potential issues or concerns to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

Brand Strategy & Design Development Services

Branding & Marketing Strategy: Develop a comprehensive strategy to establish the school’s identity, target audience, messaging, and campaigns to enhance brand awareness and reputation in the community.

Logo & Vision: Design a distinctive logo representing the school’s values and craft a vision statement guiding strategic decision-making.

Website Development: Create a professional, user-friendly website providing information about programs, facilities, faculty, and admission process.

Prospectus: Produce an informative prospectus detailing curriculum, extracurricular activities, facilities, and admission process.

Admission Docket: Develop a handbook outlining admission criteria, procedures, required documents, and fees.

Outdoor Creatives: Design eye-catching banners, posters, and signage for promotion in high-traffic areas and community events.

Media Creatives: Create compelling advertisements, banners, social media posts, and videos to reach a wider audience.

Radio Campaign: Plan and execute a targeted radio campaign using storytelling and testimonials to showcase the school’s strengths.

Office Merchandising & Training: Equip the admission office with branded merchandise and provide training on effective communication and customer service.

Advisory Services on Operational Framework

HR Policy Framework: Develop a comprehensive framework outlining principles, guidelines, and procedures for human resource management. Covering recruitment, onboarding, training, performance management, compensation, employee relations, health, safety, diversity, and legal compliance, it aims to establish clear expectations, promote fairness, foster a positive work environment, and support the school’s mission.

Governing Body & Committees: Establish a governing body and committees to provide oversight and strategic direction for school operations. Consisting of stakeholders such as trustees, administrators, parents, and community members, these bodies focus on areas like finance, academics, student affairs, and policy development, ensuring accountability, resource allocation, and transparency in governance.

Policy Manuals & SOPs: Develop detailed manuals and SOPs to document and communicate policies and procedures across various areas of school operations. Covering administration, academics, finance, facilities management, health, safety, and IT, these documents offer step-by-step guidelines for tasks and situations, ensuring consistency, efficiency, and compliance while serving as valuable resources for staff training and reference.

Recruitment Support

Staff Requirement Planning: Assess staffing needs based on student enrollment, curriculum, and administrative support to determine the optimal number and types of staff required.

Salary Budgeting: Allocate financial resources for staff salaries and benefits, considering industry standards and the school’s budgetary constraints.

Interview Conduction: Design a structured interview process to evaluate candidates’ qualifications, experience, and suitability for available positions.

Selection & Salary Negotiations: Identify qualified candidates for principal and teaching positions and negotiate terms of employment, including salary and benefits, to ensure alignment with the school’s budget and compensation policies.

Affiliation Advisory Services

Deficiency Audit & Documentation Guidance: Conduct a thorough audit to identify deficiencies and provide guidance on required documentation for CBSE affiliation.

Online Application: Assist in preparing and submitting the online CBSE affiliation application.

Preparation for Inspection: Ensure the school is compliant with CBSE standards and prepare for the inspection process.

Coordination with Inspection Committee: Coordinate the inspection visit, making necessary arrangements for committee members.

Inspection & Follow-Up: Facilitate the inspection process, address concerns, and follow up with CBSE authorities to track the affiliation application’s progress.


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