Consulting for New School Setup

Consulting for New School Setup

Consulting for New School Setup

Advisory services to setup a new school in India.

Erocon guides clients through every aspect of the school setup process, providing insights into operational challenges encountered throughout the project cycle. We meticulously safeguard the interests of promoters across the entire spectrum, commencing with project planning, legal framework, branding, marketing, recruitment, administration framework, staff training, and affiliations. Our dedicated school consultants excels in successfully establishing CBSE, ICSE, IB, and IGCSE school projects.

Establishing a school involves meticulous planning, covering aspects like location, budget, services, board affiliation, vision, core team assembly, and syllabus development. Setting the school apart requires effective marketing, PR, admission processes, pre-launch campaigns, audience engagement, and a well-thought-out opening ceremony. School consulting services are tailored to meet specific needs, considering various stakeholders and decision-makers. The ultimate mission is to transform the school into a standout changemaker in the education industry.

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Modules & steps involved in setting up a new schoolPre-Commissioning Stage & Compliances

Feasibility Study & Project Planning Services

Feasibility study, Market & Location Analysis, Entry Strategy, Project Recommendations & Detailed Financials.

Advisory for Legal & Compliance Framework

Advisory on Legal entity, Statutory Compliances, Asset Arrangement, Income Model, Tax & Audit Structure

Infrastructure Planning Services

Advisory on affiliation Infra requirements, facility & floor plannings, Campus Safety, Green Building & Lab requirements.

Procurement Advisory Services & Tie-Ups

Procurement Scheduling, Requirement & Specifications, Technical comparatives, Quality Approvals & Negotiations.

Brand Guidelines & Design Development Services

Logo & Vision, Website, Prospectus, Admission docket, Outdoor creatives, Media Creatives, Radio Campaign, Office Merchandising & Training.

Advisory Services Operational Framework

HR Policy Framework, Governing Body & Committees, Policy Manuals & SOP’s

Recruitment Support (Teaching & Non Teaching)

Staff Requirement Planning, Salary Budgeting, Interview Conduction , Selection & Salary Negotiations.

Affiliation Advisory Services

Inspection Audit & Documentation support, Online Application, Preparation for inspection, Coordination with IC, Inspection & Follow up

New School setup, Execution Stages versus Timeline


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Existing Schools can write the School Name and Address
Only for new school establishment

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