Market Valuation Services for established schools

Market Valuation Services for established schools

Market Valuation Services for established schools

Market Valuation Services for Acquiring or Divesting a school

With a rich 32-year history in the school consulting business, Erocon offers meticulous school market evaluation services for those considering buying or selling. When acquiring or divesting an existing school, a profound analysis and understanding of project dynamics become crucial. Erocon engages in the complete cycle, guiding clients through aspects ranging from asset valuation, market assessment, regulatory frameworks, legal compliances, to asset arrangement models. Assessing the market value of a school necessitates a thorough evaluation of diverse factors.


The steps to help ascertain the market value of a school are:

Financial Statements:

Review the school’s financial statements, including income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. This helps gauge the financial health and sustainability.

Enrollment Trends:

Analyze historical enrollment data and trends. A growing or stable enrollment can positively impact the school’s value.

Revenue Streams:

Understand the school’s revenue sources, including tuition fees, grants, and other income. Diversified revenue streams can contribute to stability

Academic Performance:

Assess the school’s academic reputation, student achievements, and any accreditation it holds.

Infrastructure and Assets:

Evaluate the quality of infrastructure, facilities, and assets. Well-maintained and modern facilities can enhance the school’s value.


Consider the school’s location, proximity to amenities, and the overall desirability of the area. Location can significantly influence market value.

Comparable Sales/Values:

Research recent sales or valuations of similar schools in the region. This provides a benchmark for comparison.

Brand and Reputation:

Assess the school’s brand and reputation within the community and education sector.

Future Growth Potential:

Evaluate any plans for expansion, improvements, or changes that could impact future growth.

Regulatory Compliance:

Ensure the school complies with all relevant educational regulations and standards.

Market Demand:

Understand the demand for quality education in the area. A school in high demand may have a higher market value.

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