Difference between Trust/Society/Section 8 company

Whether the School should be established under a Trust/Society/Section 8 Company? This decision depends upon the nature of asset/partner/family arrangement. A trust is a better option if the school is primarily going to be run by a single family where one individual may have larger role in the decision making. A society may be preferred

Steps for IB Affiliation Process

IB Candidacy to Authorization school readiness The International Baccalaureate (IB) offers a continuum of international education through challenging, high quality educational programmes to students aged 3 to 19. Primary Years Programme (PYP) for Grades Nursery to V Middle Years Programme (MYP) for Grades VI to X Diploma Programme (DP) for Grades XI to XII In

Steps for CBSE Affiliation as per SARAS 4.0

Latest CBSE Affiliation process as per SARAS 4.0 for Fresh Affiliation for Secondary / Senior Secondary school.STEP 1: KYC TO START THE CBSE AFFILIATION APPLICATION KYC constitutes of stages viz Pre-registration of school by entering complete school address, contact details, website, Principal information and Manager contact details Payment of Rs. 10,000/- (Ten Thousand only). STEP

Highly Effective Marketing Ideas for School Admission: Consultant’s Advice!

Highly Effective Marketing Ideas for School Admission, School Consultant’s Advice India has the largest network of schools for K-12 education in the world. Education in India is about innovation, invention and upscaling your existing processes to meet the goals of raising a technically advanced generation. As new education entrepreneurs in 2020, you require to think

How School Consultants Help to set up a new School in India

Six Ways CBSE School Consultants Help To Set Up A New School in India “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the minds.” – Albert Einstein Bringing education to India in 2020 is the most crucial gift of transformation one can present to the 21st-century generation. While the educational framework in

Setting up a new School in Bengaluru

Bangalore as a prospect for new schools Erocon School Consultants are turnkey consultants and turnkey architects for One the Biggest CBSE Day Schools in Bengaluru, Marigold International School. Our team since 2017 has undertaken over 10 Market Research reports covering areas such as Devanahalli, Kombalgodu, R.R Nagar, Mysore Road Catchments, Yelahanka, Electronic City, Bannerghatta, Jakkur,

What are the Steps involved in setting up a new school in India

Steps & execution timelines to set up a new school in India? The ideal time required for effective set up of a new school project is 18 months (0-550 days) starting from Project Feasibility, Market Research, Project Planning till School Launch giving necessary time period for clients to effectively manage and have all aspects in

Scope of setting up an International Curriculum School in India

The Journey of International Curriculum Schools in India International Curriculum Schools in India has been an established and known concept for a while. Although the entry and seeds were sown way back in 1976 when India’s first IB Curriculum school was introduced while CAIE (Cambridge) has existence of over 60 years but the international curriculum

What is the Break Even Period for New School Projects in India

What is the operating costs and Profit Margin in a school project One of the most important aspect for new promoters wanting to explore the idea of setting up new school project is the running cost, operational cost and profit margins along with assessing Return on Investment on the project. These information and assessment are

How to establish a residential school in India

Prospect of setting up a Boarding Schools in India. India being one of the fastest growing economies in the world has seen a substantial increase of urbanization and growth of middle segment and service class segment. However, with time and more exposure, there is surge in demand for good boarding schools amongst educated parents and

Growing trend of Day Boarding School in India

Prospect of setting up Day Boarding School vs Day School in India With growing demand for good facility and outcome-based learning approach amongst Indian parents from all regions across the country covering all market segment bases, there is a paradigm shift and surge in demand for Day boarding schools in India. Day boarding schools are

Whether to go for School Franchise or start your own school brand?

Why does a promoter consider taking up a school franchise. Erocon is always asked the question that whether to go for school franchise or own school brand. As a promoter there is alwaya a sense of belief that school franchise is a sure shot success formula, where school brand legacy and technology transfer will work

How to get Delhi Public School Franchise.

How to get the franchise of Delhi Public School, DPS franchise, DPS School franchise Getting a franchise for Delhi Public School is a challenge and requires an exceptional effort to strike across. The franchise for DPS is till date the most sought after brand that has not diminished and still holds an exceptional brand pull

FAQ’s on setting up a school in India

Major Challenges in setting up a new school in India.How and why does the project budget of a school vary from Tier 1 to Tier 3 locations? The main reason for variation in a school project budget of a tier 1 city and tier 3 city is the amount that goes into achieving higher construction

A Battle of Two Counterparts: CBSE vs. ICSE Schools

IS CBSE BOARD BETTER THAN ICSE BOARD Choosing a school affiliated to CBSE or ICSE plays a significant difference in the educational development of a curious and growing child. Being in two minds is one of the chief concerns for the parents to choose the best one between two equally good affiliated schools-a CBSE-affiliated school

Fee Regulation Norms for the Fixation of Fee for schools across different states

What are the norms to fix the fee of Private Schools in India? Charging and incrementing the fee including tuition fee in accordance with the paying capacity of the parents in a respective State or Union Territory, or city in compliance with the rules and regulations of CBSE and the State Fee Regulation Act is

How much should you construct for New School Project in India

How much to be spend in initial phase for setting up a new school in India One of the major challenges that a promoter faces for setting a school project venture is to get the infrastructure planning right to ensure curtailing of dumping of funds into construction. Construction being one of the major capital exhausting

Feasibility Study and Project planning for setting up of a school venture.

Market Potential & Viability for new schools in India When we talk about undertaking a feasibility study for a school project, it is very different from how feasibility studies are done for other projects such as industrial,hotels, etc., as the feasibility study is done to gauge whether the venture could be set up at the location

How to start International school in India

Setting up an International curriculum school in India. As the name is indicating, an international school is a school that offers education as per international curriculum or curriculum that is followed outside the country. Hence, it is very much seen in india that now a days schools are offering different curriculum like International Baccalaureate (IB),

How to start ICSE school in India

Before studying the procedure to be an ICSE school, one has to understand what exactly ICSE is and what are its requirements. Indian School Certificate Examination (ISCE) is the council that was established with the guidance and support of the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate and the Inter-State boards. ICSE is one of the

How to start IGCSE/ Cambridge school in India

Setting up a IGCSE school in India Before understanding the process of starting an IGCSE school it is very esstenial to understand what exactly IGCSE is. International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) helps the school in building its curriculum. The presence of core subjects and co curricular perspectives in IGCSE curriculum encourages students to connect

How to start an IB School in India

Setting up an IB School in India An International Baccalaureate board is a non-profit educational foundation. Main focus is education based on intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills that develop the students as complete individuals to survive in the world. IB authorization process has to be completed to become an IB school. If the school

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