Consulting for Existing Schools

Consulting for Existing Schools

Consulting for Existing Schools

Advisory services for Existing Schools in India.

Erocon recognizes the challenges faced by established schools concerning financial limitations and resource constraints. Some schools grapple with the consequences of their brand positioning, while others aim to enhance capacity or improve academic outcomes. Despite varying needs, once a school aligns with Erocon, our approach goes beyond merely meeting requirements. We strive to propel the school toward achieving an exemplary status, what we term as “Front Runner Schools.” Erocon holds the distinction of being India’s exclusive school consultant organization dedicated to the comprehensive restructuring and rebranding of existing schools.

Brand Strategy & Design Development Services

Branding & Marketing Strategy: Develop a comprehensive strategy to establish the school’s identity, target audience, messaging, and campaigns to enhance brand awareness and reputation in the community.

Logo & Vision: Design a distinctive logo representing the school’s values and craft a vision statement guiding strategic decision-making.

Website Development: Create a professional, user-friendly website providing information about programs, facilities, faculty, and admission process.

Prospectus: Produce an informative prospectus detailing curriculum, extracurricular activities, facilities, and admission process.

Admission Docket: Develop a handbook outlining admission criteria, procedures, required documents, and fees.

Outdoor Creatives: Design eye-catching banners, posters, and signage for promotion in high-traffic areas and community events.

Media Creatives: Create compelling advertisements, banners, social media posts, and videos to reach a wider audience.

Radio Campaign: Plan and execute a targeted radio campaign using storytelling and testimonials to showcase the school’s strengths.

Office Merchandising & Training: Equip the admission office with branded merchandise and provide training on effective communication and customer service.

Affiliation Advisory Services

Deficiency Audit & Documentation Guidance: Conduct a thorough audit to identify deficiencies and provide guidance on required documentation for CBSE affiliation.

Online Application: Assist in preparing and submitting the online CBSE affiliation application.

Preparation for Inspection: Ensure the school is compliant with CBSE standards and prepare for the inspection process.

Coordination with Inspection Committee: Coordinate the inspection visit, making necessary arrangements for committee members.

Inspection & Follow-Up: Facilitate the inspection process, address concerns, and follow up with CBSE authorities to track the affiliation application’s progress.

School Quality Audits

School Quality Audit program for schools have been designed on the most structured manner to meet the consistent requirements of the schools, transforming the education to the standard of global level.

Academic Programs:

Evaluate scholastic and co-scholastic programs. Review books, curriculum, syllabus breakup, and timetable. Assess classroom management, teaching methodologies, and supplementary education. Analyze evaluation methods, assignments, and report cards.

Co-curricular Activities:

Review planning, calendar, and execution of activities. Assess the use of innovative teaching methods and interpersonal relationships.

Academic Policy and Efficiency:

Analyze policy mechanisms, event planning, and lesson planning. Assess teachers’ performance and gap analysis in academic delivery. Provide restructuring recommendations for academic improvement.

Sports Curriculum and Operations:

Review sports curriculum, CCA activities, and annual event schedule. Evaluate reporting structures, HR policies, accounting systems, and admin staff.


Assess classroom, lab facilities, safety, and outdoor play areas. Review IT infrastructure, facility offerings, and tie-ups for various setups.


Review building safety certificates, CBSE /ICSE documentation, and infrastructure compliance.

Only for new school establishment
Existing Schools can write the School Name and Address

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