Our Driving Force

Our Driving Force

Our Driving Force


“Have the ability to Change, go against the wind”


Mr. Shiraz Kirmani serves as the driving force behind Erocon, fueled by a dream to establish a distinct advisory and consulting firm dedicated to creating benchmark schools throughout India. Initially involved in the coaching and training wing of the parent company, he successfully executed training projects across multiple Delhi public schools. Through this experience, he identified significant gaps in curriculum alignment with human resources, infrastructure compared to facilities, and quality standards versus the evolving educational landscape.

The concept of establishing a dedicated school consulting firm had been evolving in Mr. Shiraz Kirmani’s mind for 2–3 years before Erocon’s inception. Despite initial discouragement, he recognized a growing need for professional guidance in navigating the complexities of setting up schools in India. Realizing the changing landscape where the capital expenditure shifted from a traditional brick-by-brick model to a more strategic financial decision, Erocon was born to meet these emerging needs.

In a mere 23 years, Erocon has emerged as the forefront school consulting and school architecture firm in India, boasting a portfolio with a net project value of 2800 crores under its comprehensive consulting and design services.

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The Four Dot Theory

Mr. Shiraz Kirmani’s Four Dot Theory is now the fundamental basis for setting up schools in India. The theory revolves around the connection of four important dots: location, demand, fee potential, and financial viability to plan a school project. For a viable project, it is important that demand-driven locations have a minimum pay capacity or fee potential to afford pay scale salaries, and if both factors are true, then the right amount of spend is required on building infrastructure and the cost of land for assured returns in the venture with a payback time or break-even of 7-8 years. When demand and fee potential are favourable, then CAPEX should be directly proportional to fee vs. facility vs. curriculum. The schools that plan the market entry strategy keeping four fundamentals in mind have safeguarded the financial interests of investors, corporations, and education groups.

It is the success and implementation of Four Dot Theory that have garnered exponential success for the organisation. Erocon is now the appointed advisor and market expansion agency for six out of the top 10 education groups in India and five out of the top 10 business houses in the country for CSR and private school projects. Over and above the premium client list, we have catered to 791 + clients, 107 + turnkey projects, 121 + architecture projects, 179 + affiliation projects,

Erocon is trusted and regarded for its unbiased opinion, impeccable delivery timelines, assured cost savings of 25–30% on CAPEX, and strong word-of-mouth network from the last three decades.


Possessing a B.Tech. in Computer Science and an MBA in International Business, Mr. Shiraz Kirmani boasts an extensive background of over 20 years in the K–12 education sector. At the helm of the Project Delivery Team, he oversees comprehensive advisory services for school setup, encompassing project planning, market entry strategy, brand positioning, legal compliance, and affiliation framework adherence. His journey commenced as a successful math teacher, engaging in teacher’s training assignments for various schools in India and the Middle East. Specializing in advanced combinatorics, he served as a guest faculty member at Marks Field Institute of Higher Education in the U.K. from 2006 to 2009 and co-authored the renowned book “Magic of Numbers.”


Under the leadership of Mr. Shiraz Kirmani, Erocon has bagged:

  • Erocon was awarded at the House of Commons, London, UK, for being the most prominent school consulting firm of the year (K–12 schools) on May 11, 2023, by the Deputy Mayor of London.
  • Mr. Shiraz Kirmani was awarded as one of the 45 brightest young minds in India under 45, featured by Forbes in 2021.
  • Mr. Shiraz Kirmani was named one of the top 10 educational entrepreneurs of the year 2021-2022 by Indian Alert.
  • Erocon was awarded the International Icons Award 2022″ for “K–12 School Consulting Firm of the Year.”
  • Erocon was awarded the National Education Excellence Award 2021″ for “BEST SCHOOL CONSULTANTS OF THE YEAR”.
  • Asia Education Summit 2022 for “The Best Architecture Firm Institutional of the Year”
  • “National Architecture & Interior Design Excellence Awards 2021” for the Top and Most Innovative Architecture & Design Firm of the Year
  • “The Meadows National Award 2019” for Best Green School Architecture Designs
  • Education Excellence Award 2021 for “BEST K-12 SCHOOL CONSULTING FIRM OF THE YEAR”.
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