How to get Delhi Public School Franchise.

How to get the franchise of Delhi Public School, DPS franchise, DPS School franchise

Getting a franchise for Delhi Public School is a challenge and requires an exceptional effort to strike across. The franchise for DPS is till date the most sought after brand that has not diminished and still holds an exceptional brand pull across pan-India locations. Being a DPS Franchise ensures an excellent jump start number in initial years. The process to get DPS franchise initiates by submitting a project report cum proposal in the DPS Society, New Delhi for consideration.

In the past several entrepreneurs were successfully able to get through a franchise for Delhi Public School  but it led to the dilution of the brand name to a certain extent. In the present scenario, DPS Society is very particular about its brand position and is very selective about giving the DPS Franchise. DPS Society has been keen on giving the DPS Franchise to persons who are already running a Delhi Public School, experienced entities already ventured into the education sector and corporate houses having a clear vision to set-up quality oriented school.

STEP -1 : Submission of Proposal/Intent for DPS Franchise.

The first step of the application for seeking Delhi Public School Franchise begins with the submission of project report in DPS Society stating the objective, rationale behind venturing into education. It should have details about the Trust, Promoters Profile, Details of the land parcel, Project funding plan, Details of planned infrastructure. The DPS Franchise report should also have insight about Tentative site layout & floor plans, Capacity Assumption, Acceptable fee structure and detailed location analysis.

STEP -2 : Site inspection for the proposed School site for DPS Franchise.

If the initial proposal is accepted post the submission of project report in the DPS Society for DPS Franchise then members of DPS Society will plan a physical inspection of the site and surrounding to evaluate the value proposition for granting a Delhi Public School Franchise.

STEP -3 : Approval & Signing of MOU for granting of DPS Franchise.

Post the visit and approval, an intimation will be sent to the franchise seeker to initiate the agreement signing & release of initial one-time fee.

STEP -4 : Operational support by DPS Society for Delhi Public School Franchise

Once the MOU is signed for DPS Franchise, DPS Society will begin the support process by helping the clients in identifying good human resource and setting up the systems and process for school operations.

Frequently Asked Question’s on DPS Franchise

How can I prepare the project report for DPS Franchise?

Erocon provides project report services for submission at DPS Society for the DPS Franchise. It involves a site visit to prospective land parcel followed by preparation of Detailed Project Report. Majority submission of reports in the DPS Society for Delhi Public School Franchise is prepared by Erocon School Consultants.

What is land requirement for DPS Franchise/Delhi Public School Franchise?

The land requirement for setting up a DPS Franchise is minimum 8 acres of land. The land requirement for DPS Franchise was revised from 5 acre to 8 acres in the year 2020.

How much investment is required to start a DPS/ Delhi Public School?

Apart from the cost of procuring the land, you need to construct at least 60,000 sqf of built up area in Phase-1 to have decent projection of facilities for Delhi Public School. The total BUA will be around 1,20,000 sqf for a strength of 2500 – 3000 students over a horizon of 7-10 years.

How much investment is required to start a DPS/Delhi Public School Franchise?

You need atleast 15 Cr. of investment in the initial phase apart from 2 Cr. of working capital for first two years. The initial cost does not include the cost of land.

What is the franchise fee for DPS/ Delhi Public School?

The official franchise fee for getting a DPS Franchise is about 50 lakhs as a one-time DPS Franchise fee. The best part of being a DPS Franchise is that they do not charge annual royalty fee like other brands. They do charge a manageable annual lump-sum fee per thousand students/25-30 lacs every year as training and guidance fee.

Address for Submission of Report for DPS Franchise

DPS franchise

To be addressed to Chairman- The Delhi Public School Society, F-Block, East of Kailash, New Delhi 110065, India

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