Growing trend of Day Boarding School in India

Growing trend of Day Boarding School in India

Growing trend of Day Boarding School in India

Prospect of setting up Day Boarding School vs Day School in India

With growing demand for good facility and outcome-based learning approach amongst Indian parents from all regions across the country covering all market segment bases, there is a paradigm shift and surge in demand for Day boarding schools in India. Day boarding schools are gaining more traction in Tier 1,2,3 locations showcasing universal appeal. However, the reasons are different for different location and segment, but the crux of the matter is increase in demand for Day boarding schools in India over Day schools.

Erocon School Consultants being the best school consultants in India and as per our broad understanding for various location and market dynamics, feel that Day boarding school offering are indeed a better offering for various reasons as listed below.

Day boarding schools in India broadly have the potential to lend the necessary depth for any school to have an outcome-based value addition learning measures that leads to students gaining exponentially while getting the required platforms for exposure and personality development. In all practical scenario, any school gets an effective 200 working days to complete their subject courses as per syllabus while undertaking examinations, PTMs, Co-curricular events, co-scholastic events, sports and many more activities. The school and the management thereby do not get the necessary flexibility to be able to utilize and have an effective outcome of the various offerings and facilities which they introduce with the vision of having a market sweeping USP and students getting the opportunity to benefit out of the same. With growing aspirations and needs of Indian parents, all new schools are dedicatedly focusing on having exclusivity in teaching methodology, pedagogy, sports facilities, co-curricular activities, club activities and last but the most important aspect being the academic outcome. These have become an integral part of any decent school offering catering to mid segment parents and above. The reasons why these aspects gain traction is due to these factors being identified by parents as the foundation for their child’s personality development and having all necessary platforms to explore their strengths, weaknesses and accordingly work towards the child’s interest areas. The success of any school depends on how well these factors are implemented leading to development of positive feedback amongst parents. Day boarding schools give management the necessary flexibility and additional time to the management for implementation of their vision effectively whereas Day schools will always have the limitation of time to utilize the given facilities.

The benefits of Day boarding schools in India can be oriented as per location and market segment dynamics as various segment parents have different basis and parameters of assessing the value addition factors. Let us discuss these factors broadly as per segment taking reference that get derived from the local dynamics, segment specific and primarily depends on exposure level of the parents who have varied interests and aspirations for their wards.

Upper and Premium Segment Parents

Majority of the parents from this segment belong to Tier 1 and Tier 2 regions. For them, other than academic outcome, the following aspects are more appealing

  • Pedagogy and Teaching Approach
  • Learning Techniques and Tools
  • Lab Facilities
  • Exposure Platforms
  • Co-curricular Activities
  • Performing Arts Facilities/Training
  • Sports Facilities/Training
  • Exclusive Lab Facilities
  • Remedial Classes
  • Club Activities
  • Leadership programs and Awareness Workshops
  • Career Counselling and Guidance
  • Meal Facilities and Dining Habits
  • Safety
  • Constant Monitoring and Set academics plan
  • Annual Events Plan
  • Active Involvement in Child’s day to day development

To the long list as mentioned above, one of the major USP that draws working parents is the Day Care facilities that further drives the reason for Day Boarding Schools witnessing more surge from the Tier 1 Zones.

Mid Segment and Service Class Parents

This segment is existing in not only Tier 1 and 2 regions but spread across to Tier 3 and Tier 4 areas as well. The following aspects are considered to be the criteria for assessing a school offering

  • Discouragement of Tuition Culture
  • Remedial Classes
  • Practice Sessions and Training for Various Academic Competitions
  • Homework Completion in School
  • Foundation Courses for Senior Students
  • Sports Facilities
  • Lab Facilities
  • Presentations and practices
  • School Projects

This segment and Tier 3,4 locations are very price sensitive and hence Day boarding school offering helps the school to be able to charge more fee that would help them sustain the additional expense component that would be required to effectively provide these facilities that would help management to justify the higher fee and offer better quality education to the students.

Cumulatively the above-mentioned factors can be worked upon by a school when they have additional hours to dedicate to all these factors focusing towards having an outcome-based approach which in all honesty lays the foundation for having depth to the value addition measures that a school envisions to implement.

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