How School Consultants Help to set up a new School in India

How School Consultants Help to set up a new School in India

How School Consultants Help to set up a new School in India

Six Ways CBSE School Consultants Help To Set Up A New School in India

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the minds.” – Albert Einstein

Bringing education to India in 2020 is the most crucial gift of transformation one can present to the 21st-century generation. While the educational framework in schools is constantly evolving, there are ample details which require expert advice and consultation. That’s where education consultants for schools come into action to provide unceasing support in establishing your dream school.

Before we dwell into the invincible benefits of having experts work for you, let’s understand how to open a school in India?

India has 3 times more number of schools, stating 15 lakhs in comparison to China which has 5 lakhs schools only. However, the literacy rate and quality education dragging us behind. But, as the times are changing, the Indian Govt and education societies are broadly working on improving pedagogy.

The boom of technological advancement, per schools, has brought in many challenges. Teacher training, school infrastructure, and student opportunities need a new face to fight in today’s competitive world. Here’s what we suggest as your best school advisors and company in India:

Layout the Blueprint of your Idea

You might get overwhelmed with the idea of establishing a school. The responsibility of shaping the future of the next generation might excite as well as create anxiety within you. What you need to do is- plan out details.From the location, budget, services, board affiliation, vision, core team, to syllabus; you need to fill in the blanks!

Budget Allocation

Once you can visualize the most important details, it is time to dig into the audience that you’re going to target. Remember, you can plan out a K-12 school in India from anywhere beginning from 2-3 crores. Everything depends on your study of demographics.

Register the School

Registration of school comes after the budget is studied and allocated. You would require help with the legalities. That’s why we suggest contacting school consultants in India to open a school. They are seasoned with the process of registration that implies no human error which could later cause huge loss due to faulty paperwork.

Land Location and Construction

Placing first brick into its place is going to be the biggest step into realising the dream you once saw for the future generation. Find the support of experts in planning, layout, maps, construction bills, and other aspects of emerging as one-of-a-kind school in India.

Formalities to Consider

While the construction work happens in the background, you would need to get your organization recognized by the board of education, find societies to partner with, appoint the best faculty and staff members and administer all formalities that revolve around schools. If you’re already daunted by new school opening procedure in India, then trust our team as we’ve been the backbone of many successful start-ups which have traced their path to success.

The path from Pre-Launch to Open-Ceremony

The difference between your school and others shall be the marketing strategies, PR activities, admission process, pre-launch campaigns, audience engagement and opening ceremony planned to drop the mark. School consultancy services are intricately designed to cater to the needs of a new education institute.

While the journey looks easy but involves a lot of stakeholders and decision-makers. The mission for us is to make your school stand out as the changemaker in the stream of education industry.

Why Do You Need Consultants for Opening School?

Unlike other business models, educational institutes are driven by philanthropic thought. It requires thought leadership even at its inception. With strong market research, we’re ready to address the need of the children with innovative solutions. The following ways are some of the common areas, we extend our services to:

Building Planning and Construction

Whether you’re offering a small-scale setup or ambitious school to compete on the global platform, having a robust building planning is essential, to begin with.

Our experts are adept to handle:

  • Business Structuring & Mission
  • Finance Planning
  • Budget Allocation
  • Project Plan & Reporting
  • Business Projection with 10-Year Plan and 15-Year Plan

Also, planning the building map would require you to assemble assistance and partnership to run laboratories, libraries, sports clubs, extra-curricular clubs, technology labs and more. With our extensive clientele including business leaders, we assure to connect them with you.

Legal Assistance & Paperwork

Dreadful as it may sound, you’re just getting started to feel the real stress. One needs to attain the rightful permissions from the Government offices, education boards, societies and others. The legalities ascertain your positioning in the market. It dedicates any school’s recognition. But instead of getting drowned in the paperwork, you should envision to improve what’s next to come. Leave your worries on the best school advisors in India to take care of the legal propagation. Our education experts are well-accustomed to all processes and ensure your documentation is always up-to-mark.

While there are legal papers involved, one of the most important aspects is Board Affiliation. India has some of the famous boards, as namely, Central Board of Secondary Education, Indian Certificate of Secondary Education, International Baccalaureate Schools and others. We would pave you through getting the affiliation as per the school’s goals.

Recruitment Management

Whenever one thinks of ‘how to start a school in India?’, they need to emphasize on the fact that India has a below-average Students to Teacher ratio. The global ratio stands at 23.65 while in India, it is 35.22 as per Times of India.

This statistic leads us to the challenge of finding the right fit of talent from a limited reservoir. That’s why, when we recruit staff and teachers for you, we ensure:

  • Adequate & efficient teaching, non-teaching and administrative staff
  • Training & necessary educational and skills tests
  • Great track record and verified background
  • Staffing and administrative process in place
  • Best salary negotiation to optimize your budget

Policy and Management

Rendering the heavy information in bite-size, we ensure your school values are ingrained in the business through policies and people. For the effective flow of tasks, our consultants will situate themselves like wheels in a wagon. We will help you with:

  • Management advisory board
  • Operations advisory body
  • ISO certification
  • Other school processes

Marketing Your School

The school needs to connect with the target audience. Only if your story is heard, parents will develop faith in a new institute. This is why, you need to go beyond, “How to set up a school in India?”

It’s the loop of marketing strategy to create the stir with innovative campaigns. How can we help you in this regard?

  • Design the basic branding material like logo, brochure, banners, etc
  • Create a website and social media pages on various platforms
  • Develop marketing collaterals
  • Work on marketing and advertising strategies – digital and offline
  • Adding associations, strategic alliances and partnerships for further recognition from valued organizations
  • Organize PR activities and media announcements

Education Framework Update

A school consultant can add significant value to the process of starting a school in India in several ways:


1.Expertise and Guidance: A school consultant brings expertise and knowledge of the education sector, including familiarity with the regulations, policies, and requirements for setting up schools in India. They can guide you through the entire process, from conceptualization to implementation, providing valuable insights and advice at each step.


2.Market Research and Feasibility Studies: A consultant can conduct market research and feasibility studies to assess the demand for a school in a specific location. This includes analyzing demographics, competitor analysis, and understanding the preferences and needs of potential students and parents. This information is crucial for making informed decisions about the school’s curriculum, infrastructure, and overall positioning.


3.Business Planning and Financial Analysis: A consultant can help develop a comprehensive business plan, including financial projections and budgeting. They can assist in identifying potential revenue streams, estimating costs, and ensuring financial sustainability. This ensures that the school is financially viable and has a realistic plan for long-term success.


4.Curriculum Design and Academic Support: Consultants can provide guidance in designing an appropriate curriculum and educational framework based on the school’s vision and mission. They can assist in selecting the right curriculum boards, such as CBSE, ICSE, or IB, and help align the curriculum with their requirements. Consultants can also provide academic support by recommending teaching methodologies, instructional materials, and assessment practices.


5.Infrastructure and Resource Planning: A consultant can offer guidance on designing and developing school infrastructure, ensuring it meets the regulatory requirements and the needs of the chosen curriculum. They can help determine the ideal layout, facilities, and technology integration. Additionally, consultants can advise on resource planning, including library setup, laboratory equipment, and other educational resources.


6.Staff Recruitment and Training: Consultants can assist in the recruitment and selection of key staff members, including principals, teachers, and administrative personnel. They can provide guidance on creating job descriptions, conducting interviews, and selecting suitable candidates. Consultants can also provide training and professional development programs for staff to ensure they are well-equipped to deliver quality education.


7.Compliance and Accreditation: School consultants stay updated with the latest regulations and accreditation requirements. They can help ensure the school’s compliance with statutory obligations, licensing, and affiliations with educational boards. Consultants can guide the school through the process of obtaining necessary approvals, registrations, and affiliations.


8.Project Management: Starting a school involves numerous tasks and timelines. A consultant can assist in project management, coordinating various activities, and ensuring smooth execution. They can provide a structured approach, help establish milestones, and monitor progress, minimizing delays and ensuring efficient use of resources.


By leveraging their expertise and experience, a school consultant can significantly contribute to the successful establishment and smooth functioning of a school in India. They bring valuable insights, guidance, and support throughout the process, helping you make informed decisions and navigate the complexities of starting a school.