MS Dhoni Global School: A classic case study

MS Dhoni Global School: A classic case study

MS Dhoni Global School: A classic case study

"Beyond the Name: Establishing Market Presence for the School Despite MS Dhoni's Reputation"

While having MS Dhoni’s name associated with the new school was undoubtedly advantageous, it alone proved insufficient in positioning the school effectively within the market.The real game-changer emerged through Erocon’s thorough feasibility study and meticulous project planning.

These strategic endeavors played a pivotal role in accurately gauging the demand dynamics and crafting a market entry strategy that transcended the celebrity factor. In essence, it was insights provided by Erocon that steered the school’s positioning, ensuring it resonated with the market’s demands and expectations. This dynamic combination of MS Dhoni’s brand appeal and strategic planning resulted in a successful market entry for the school

Understanding Market Dynamics

In the initial phases, the school’s founders were initially confident that the prominence of MS Dhoni’s name would automatically lead to conversions and admissions. However, upon conducting a more in-depth analysis of the market dynamics, a more intricate picture emerged. The locale, characterized by a concentration of mature and well-educated parents, necessitated a different strategy. The majority of residents, employed in multinational corporations, were seeking not only quality education but also a school that offered a comprehensive focus on sports and co-curricular activities. The survey results indicated that many parents associated MS Dhoni’s name more with a sports-centric school than a fully holistic school with an equal emphasis on all learning outcomes.Therefore, the positioning of the school required a deliberate effort to break free from this perception. A strategic plan was devised to align the school’s image with the evolving needs and demands of parents.

Strategic Repositioning

Recognizing the need for a paradigm shift, the school opted for a strategic repositioning. Moving away from a singular reliance on Dhoni’s brand, it evolved into the first Microsoft’s Showcase school in Bangalore. This repositioning not only catered to the educational aspirations of the local demographic but also acknowledged the prevalent influence of the IT sector. A comprehensive comparison was conducted beyond a simple apple-to-apple analysis, involving competing schools to craft a value proposition that encompasses all aspects while maintaining a nearly identical fee structure.

Diversification of Curriculum

Understanding that a robust curriculum is key to attracting and retaining students, the school strategically diversified its offerings. Collaborations with industry leaders such as Lego for robotics, Instructo, FURTADOS school of music, Madhuri Dixit’s dance academy, Live life education and NBA basketball and infused the curriculum with a mix of technology, arts, and sports. This approach not only broadened the school’s appeal but also showcased a commitment to holistic development.

Strategic Collaborations for Brand Appeal

Realizing the importance of establishing a unique brand identity, the school forged collaborations with renowned entities. These partnerships not only enhanced the educational offerings but also added a touch of glamour and credibility. The association with MS Dhoni, coupled with collaborations across various domains, created a well-rounded brand appeal, enticing parents and students alike.

Market Entry Validation

The success of the strategic repositioning was validated by the enrollment figures. Despite the MS Dhoni school team’s initial expectation of 600 students, the market study conducted by Erocon had recommended only 190 admissions for the first year. The actual enrollment, reaching around 196 students, not only matched the recommended figures but also closely aligned with the market study’s projections. This validation underscores the precision and foresight of the Erocons’s market entry strategy.


The MS Dhoni Global School case serves as a compelling example of the importance of adaptability and strategic planning in the education sector. By meticulously analyzing the market, understanding the diverse needs of the demographic, and making bold decisions to position the school, the team not only averted potential challenges but also set the foundation for a successful market entry.