School Quality Audit

Assessment & Improvement Program for schools.

The internal self-assessment carried out by an educational institution against an array of the research-based quality standard will reveal the enriching insight.  This unbiased self-assessment will fetch many unaddressed and hidden challenges which the school is not able to recognize or understand them. Here comes the vital role of SQA program offered by Erocon.  We deliver external and unbiased critical review through the self-assessment.  This practice infuses a lot of confidence in the school’s leadership and other stakeholders to improve the school’s performance at an unprecedented level. This practice also brings forth the deficiency and other challenges which were badly affecting the school’s performance.

SQA program helps many schools raise their performance and standard of education to the next level. This hassle-free process acts as a metamorphosis step for the excellence of the institution. SQA program has been designed on the most structured manner to meet the consistent requirements of the schools, transforming the education to the standard of global level. This certification offers the tools, introspecting its vision, strategies, priorities, leadership, programs, resources, policies, etc. critically. Getting SQA certification from Erocon provides the schools with the crystal clear direction and suggestion for implementing minor or significant changes in search of excellence and meritocracy.

SQA Program has the following offerings


  • A Thorough Assessment of the Curriculum
  • Overview of the Accounting Standard
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Professional Advancement
  • Quality Assurance in Internal Audit
  • Analytical Procedure
  • Consideration of Fraud, in any, in an internal audit
  • Communication with the management or leadership
  • A Thorough Infrastructure Assessment
  • Learning Atmosphere
  • Assessment of Responsibility towards Environment Degradation
  • Minor or Significant Changes in Policy
  • Considerations of CBSE-By Laws, 2018 in sync with the Appropriate State or Union Territory
  • Financial Planning
  • Evaluation of the Fee structure

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